Our thoughts and prayers ♥♥♥

Our thoughts and prayers for the family, friends and brother officers of fallen NYPD P.O. Miosotis Familia. Our Johnny FjL and his fellow brothers from TL119 will be joining his own brother at today’s funeral. Our love to all who serve in the 46th Pct. We can’t imagine […]

Another year passes …

Well, another year being retired has passed. It’s been a fast 2 years. And I’m still as busy as ever. It was an honor working with our President Trump in getting him elected, and saving America from Kriminal Killery Klinton. It wasn’t easy, I can assure you of […]

Making a home ♥♥♥

JjLJr & KjP are getting their new co-op all prepared for their new family to live in. Our Johnny FjL gave us a hand doing some painting. It’s going to be a lovely home for our future parents, as they work to create a beautiful home for their […]

Hobie went home ♥♥♥

Well, today was Hobie’s independence day. He’s gone home to that sweet butterfly heaven in the sky. He went peacefully this morning surrounded by family ♥♥♥ We have 2 of your brothers growing to continue the legacy …