Gutter squirrels …

I heard this loud noise coming from the gutter and leader the other day. When the boys were young, they used to throw their balls onto the roof, some landed in the gutter, so I had to haul my ass up there to get the balls out. I […]

Zelda needs a ring ;-)

So, I’m visiting with Zelda, and she holds up her hands and says, ‘look, I have no rings on any of my fingers’. I tell her that I’ll buy her a ring for each finger. She says, she only needs 1 ring, and points to the finger that […]

Our thoughts and prayers ♥♥♥

Our thoughts and prayers for the family, friends and brother officers of fallen NYPD P.O. Miosotis Familia. Our Johnny FjL and his fellow brothers from TL119 will be joining his own brother at today’s funeral. Our love to all who serve in the 46th Pct. We can’t imagine […]