Checkout the Series Updates now available …

Checkout the Series Updates now available … My Blog and Postings – Listen to me rant every day. It can be entertaining… Family and Friends photos – Family events, vacations, gatherings, and other activities My Photography and Collages – Various collages I’ve designed, Usually frame eligible or as […]

Where’s Gomie ???

Where’s Gomie you ask ? Well, I figured since he’s been doing all this work for others, to put him to some good use for The Musings. So, I got him out by the World Journal building on 20th avenue, mounting a Jack’s Musings sign on the facade… […]

Where’s Gomie ???

Where’s Gomie ??? – I’m watching the news, and all the storm cleanup, and who do I spot ? You guessed it. The Gomie seems to be moonlighting for PSE&G, working on live wires. I thought he left work early …. Go figure …. 😉

Interesting design on this Volkswagen …

During today’s snowstorm, I stopped over to visit HjL, and spotted this VW parked outside, with a very interesting iron cross design on it’s hood left by the snow … Those sneaky bastards at Volkswagen. Wasn’t there something about the hubcaps creating an optical illusion while spinning ???