Daily Rants

Checkout the Series Updates now available …

Checkout the Series Updates now available …

My Blog and Postings – Listen to me rant every day. It can be entertaining…

Family and Friends photos – Family events, vacations, gatherings, and other activities

My Photography and Collages – Various collages I’ve designed, Usually frame eligible or as a memorium

My Favorite Prints – A collection of my more artistic images

Jack’s Photo Sets @Flickr – All of my photo collections in a more friendly presentation

Jack’s video channel at YouTube – Yes, I post quite a bit of video as well.

Jack’s Facebook page – If you send me a friend request, I’ll consider it

Jack’s Instagram Account – Follow me, if you dare …

LPTS – PEZ Collection Quarterly Report – My PEZ and other collectibles – presented from my database

Have something to say ? email me at

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