Daily Rants

11/2/08 – posts from Early Musings



Me and Ro took some great fall foliage shots down the park. FF1 , FF2


This guy was looking for hidden treasure down the park.


There was a big fire at the Whitestone shopping center last night. It took out the whole row of stores near Lollipops. The entire strip is closed now. Hopefully the damage isn’t as bad as it looks. here are a few pics – WSC1 , WSC2 , WSC3


BF from up Buffalo stumbled across this intriguing image of the change to come, should Barry be elected. Or shall we say, Baracula.


Here’s todays motivational image, provided by Roving Reporter.


Remember, if Iran, North Korea, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakan, Rev Wright, Every commie celebrity on the planet, and Cindy Sheehan endorse, support, desire, want a certain candidate, then you are sure to make the right decision by simply voting OPPOSITE.


Here you go, buy your oranges from China. They’re cheap. Know why ? Infested with maggots, that’s why.


I’m experimenting with a new blog site using the popular WordPress product. Add this additional link to your daily surfing and be sure to comment if you like. Visit my blog titled – It ain’t easy being me

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