4/4/12 – 4/10/12

4/10/12 I spotted this red tail hawk soaring down at Chisolm Park. It had to have been a 7 foot wingspan. Awesome. 4/9/12 They’re rebuilding the kiddie park section of Whitestone Park. A center piece of the new area will be one of the old trees. There will […]

4/1/12 – 4/3/12

4/3/12 My beautiful bride turns 50 today. You prove everyday that you are only as old as you feel or act… Have a great birthday — Happy 50th Birthday to a wonderful wife, loving mother and best friend. I Love You – xoxox … Enjoy your day today […]

3/23/12 – 3/31/12

3/30/12 Here they are – pics from the wedding of Joseph Anthony Leone & Kimberly Ann Miller. Joe & Kim Wedding Album – March 2012 Me and JLi got our Mega Millions tickets, so don’t bother buying anymore for yourself. Good luck everyone !!! This beautiful lassie hails […]

3/17/12 – 3/22/12

3/22/12 We’re down to the last 48 hrs for Joe & Kim being single. We had the wedding rehearsal last night at St. Fidelis church, followed by a wonderful dinner at the Sly Fox Inn – Joe & Kim Wedding Rehearsal and dinner – March 2012 3/21/12 Had […]

3/7/12 – 3/16/12

3/16/12 Happy Anniversary to my brudder and his beautiful bride. They celebrate 21 years today. Congratulations NL & DL. We love you !!! Potter turns 10 today, Happy Birthday you filthy animal you !!! Our Easy Rider, LF stopped by and chatted up DjC out front. Always good […]

3/1/12 – 3/6/12

3/6/12 Ah, the Leone curse. I bought a snowblower last year, and it only snowed twice. This year, one lousy 5 inch storm. Yes, I know, add stabilizer…. FjL and CJ painting the crib … Come on now, this is brilliant. Kisses now come with 40% less chocolate, […]

2/24/12 – 2/29/12

2/28/12 25 days to the wedding, and I picked out my tuxedo today. I think I’m gonna be the best looking dude there… Thanks Vivian for your help !!! We gots daffodils in the front yard …. I think Spring is close… Ice skating at the Pond at […]

2/17/12 – 2/23/12

2/23/12 Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad, 55 years of wedded bliss. An amazing achievement … I Love you guys !!! Happy Birthday shout out to my UD – Have a great day !!! Bought a new camera, and it takes amazing panorama shots by just panning […]

2/7/12 – 2/16/12

2/16/12 Going through the archives, and came across these Paintings by My Dad. Somehow, my brudder ended up with both of these …. either way, they’re great … Here’s video from the Happy Birthday flashmob 2/15/12 With the week I’ve been having, coming home to these brandy new […]

2/1/12 – 2/6/12

2/6/12 How bout those GMen … Congratulations New York Giants. Super Bowl XLVI Champions …. My new plates should be here in a week or so …                    The story of the Super Bowl pool only gets better. Besides having two fours, and no fives. The 6 was […]

1/23/12 – 1/31/12

1/31/12 I came across this gaggle of beauties at Bryant Park today. A nice photo of me and my honey at The Pond… Scooby and the boys came upon the source of our ground fault while clearing away the boards and cables from the temp gens … Of […]

1/15/12 – 1/22/12

1/22/12 Go Giants !!! _ I’ve heard from thousands of fans of the Musings, asking me to continue the weekly photo tradition. Here’s this week’s shout out to our team !!! 1/21/12 We got our first snow of the year. I got to use my snowblower, and Ro […]

1/1/12 – 1/14/12

1/14/12 We had our Annual RNB Friends Gathering 2012 at O’Casey’s. It’s always good to see old friends and colleagues. See you all again next year … JB passed by the other day, and caught up on things with Boom Boom The boys participated in the Global No […]

12/24/11 – 12/31/11

12/31/11 Happy New Year everyone. 2011 was a wild ride of a year, and I’m quite sure 2012 will be as much, if not much more fun and adventurous …. be safe out there, enjoy it, and remember to Live, Love, Laugh…. cause’ without laughter, we’re all fucked […]

12/13/11 – 12/23/11

12/23/11 Happy Birthday to my brother FL. Enjoy your day. I love you boy !!! What sort of person walks up to another home, and steals mail deliveries left on the stoop ? Well, this is the type of person, and here’s his car too…. JjLJr was ahead […]

12/7/11 – 12/12/11

12/12/11 A very Happy Birthday shout out to my beautiful niece, MS. Enjoy your day today. We love you. 12/11/11 We left a bunch of nuts out, which brought this cute little critter to the yard to gather them up … 12/10/11 We had our annual HTS Holiday […]

12/1/11 – 12/6/11

12/6/11 101 years old. Zelda celebrates 101 years of life. And an amazing life it has been. Yeah, her hearing or eyesight could be better, but hey, she’s 101. Sharp as a tack, an energetic dancer, and a memory that history books can’t replicate. You amaze your family […]

11/24/11 – 11/30/11

11/27/11 I’ve got no protection … We finally started this smoke detector and Halon panel replacement project… Scooby is in a place called Greenland covered in friggin ice, and we have people ice skating on a pond … go figure … Yup, Ro ended up skating on this […]

11/20/11 – 11/23/11

11/23/11 I call this Lake Camry. It rained hard overnight. Got in car this morning to drive to Shea, and noticed all this water on front passenger floor. Seems roof drains got clogged. How come that isn’t part of the Toyota free 27 point check ? 11/22/11 Saw […]

11/15/11 – 11/19/11

11/19/11 Here’s something you don’t see every day. The Dept. of Sanitation picking up the NYPD Horse crap as the horses came past during the Veterans Day Parade…. 11/18/11 It’s taken over 40 years, but we finally have a stop light going up on the corner of 127th […]

11/10/11 – 11/14/11

11/14/11 This is one of my favorite images from the weekend generator lift activity. Interesting thing is, I have a photo of the generator that states it weighs 28,100 pounds. If a ton is 2,240 pounds, then 28,000 pounds is 12.5 tons….. hmmm….. Checkout this panoramic view from […]

11/1/11 – 11/9/11

11/9/11 Congratulations to SaY and his bride, DY. They are the proud new grandparents for MC, born on 11/2. She is as beautiful as her mom, and makes the 2nd grandchild for SaY. Too many people my age are starting to have grandkids … I ain’t ready, do […]

10/23/11 – 10/31/11

10/31/11 Happy Halloween to all you goblins and ghouls – Here are some of our visitors It’s always a good day when the mailman delivers me a new Pez. Bolo Bear is the mascot of Liverpool, a Mexican Department Store chain. Ain’t he cool ? Viva Mexico The […]

10/13/11 – 10/22/11

10/22/11 Look who just showed up. Haven’t seen Tyson come this close in months Bought our new sofa last night. Our salesman was Michael. Came home checked our paperwork and his last name is Hunt. Swear to God, we bought our furniture from Mike Hunt…. say it again […]

10/1/11 – 10/12/11

10/10/11 Here’s a short video I put together of Ro saving that horseshoe crab. It’s a riot… Thanks Ro !!! I know, it’s been a while. Working on a ton of stuff at home, clearing out our basement, living room. Getting ready to do our living room and […]

9/21/11 – 9/30/11

9/29/11 Back a few years the Bank was sponsoring Jaguar Formula 1 racing team. Hot Wheels put out this great set, that I just had to get. I was re-arranging my desk, and put it in a prominent spot. 9/28/11 Only on Facebook can wasteful retorts like this […]

9/16/11 – 9/20/11

9/20/11 54. I know I can’t believe I reached 54. And to think my grandmother is gonna be 101. Thanks to everyone who dropped me a note or rang me up, I do appreciate it. It’s much more fun to me when I’m on the giving end of […]

9/12/11 – 9/15/11

9/15/11 Our second crop of butterflies emerged. 2 of the 3 arrived yesterday, and look beautiful. There’s one more, which is probably it for this year. Here’s a cool perspective of 461 from my perch and through the new awning. No matter how many times I take this […]

9/1/11 – 9/11/11

9/11/11 Visited AJ in the hospital. A beautiful baby, and I ain’t just saying that because he’s family. Here’s the pics – Happy Birthday AJ – Sept 2011 First photo of AJ on his birthday. Beautiful. Yahoo did a very respectful gesture this morning. AJ has arrived. Congratulations […]

8/28/11 – 8/31/11

8/31/11 Front window repair passed the water penetration test. I think I might have actually fixed something myself at the house…. That’s just my opinion, I might eventually be wrong…. My bro, and Frankie V showed up on 5th avenue yesterday. That was a nice surprise… Some more […]