1/12/13 – 1/17/13

1/17/13 JaJo and my boy, PO JaL conked out early last night, all wrapped up on the couch. JaJo met new friends today …. get used to it kid, your momma and poppa know a lot of people !!! A Happy Birthday shout out to my beautiful sis-in-law, […]

1/11/13 – Welcoming JaJo

1/11/13 Welcome to the family Jason Joseph Leone. JaJo checked in at 1615 (4:15pm to u plain folk), at 7lbs 4 oz, and 21 inches. Baby and Momma KpL are doing fine, and resting comfortably. FjL will be the Godfather, so start kissing his ring …. Jason Joseph […]

1/6/13 – 1/10/13

1/10/13 Joe & Kim are ‘balling’ tonite. Trying to encourage JaJo to come out and play … 1/9/13 Kim is doing jumping jacks, as the Dr. ordered …. Me thinks tomorrow…. 😉 Tick tock, tick tock … 😉 1/8/13 All conditions are good. JaJo had his toes tickled […]

1/1/13 – 1/5/13

1/5/13 OK, I warned you once before, Monday begins a scheduled 2 year closure of the 3rd Ave. exit on the Whitestone Expwy. Be prepared to get off before you wind up going over that bridge … I warned you !!! ET blew into town yesterday for a […]

12/27/12 – 12/31/12

12/31/12 So, of the 7 of us, it’s gonna be just JaJo and me born in ‘odd’ years …. hmmm – this kid is going places already … 😉 Happy New Year bitches… Life goes on… At least we have a really cool president, Verizon FiOS and nature’s […]

12/24/12 – 12/26/12

12/26/12 Happy Birthday to my Momma … I love you … enjoy your day !!! 12/25/12 Merry Christmas everyone…. enjoy your day with family & friends …. Merry Christmas – December 2012 Happy Birthday Sparky, whether he’s 8 or 9, he’s one fly dog … 12/24/12 The Musings […]

12/19/12 – 12/23/12

12/23/12 Happy Birthday to my brudder, FL. Love you man… enjoy your day … 12/22/12 We haven’t conducted a Musings Poll in quite some time. Me and the missus pose this question to you all … Who Deserves a Medal ? You know us both, who most deserves […]

12/13/12 – 12/18/12

12/18/12 Here are 2 handsome lads spending their money for Christmas gifts … FjL and JjLJr are taking care of those they love … like me !!! FiOS is in the house, and the old Time Warner gear is all neatly boxed in the Verizon box for them […]

12/6/12 – 12/12/12

12/12/12 Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece, MS – enjoy your day This is gonna suck. I hope they warn us a lot sooner than the exit, or a lot of us will be going over that bridge a few times in the beginning… Watch out kids, 3rd […]

12/1/12 – 12/5/12

12/5/12 KpL had new pics taken of JaJo. He’s growing into a handsome little baby boy. He’s also getting ready to move out of that cramped room he’s been stuffed in. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, AtA. We Love You, enjoy your day … Whitestone Park is […]

11/25/12 – 11/30/12

11/30/12 Today is Bring your Pez to Work Day .. Besides the bunch at the office, I carry mine wherever I go … Bring in yours today The moon and Jupiter from the other night … 11/29/12 We had our Thanksgiving dinner today, since we went to the […]

11/19/12 – 11/24/12

11/24/12 Here’s a short video from the parade … 2012.1122 Thanksgiving Day Parade I was looking up map directions for Ro, when I spotted an airplane caught in the map view on Google Maps… check it out … 11/23/12 Meet Tabby Gleason, sibling to Blackie Gleason … He […]

11/11/12 – 11/18/12

11/18/12 Our great-niece KaH turned 5 years old the other day. Here’s our party for her big day. We love you Kaila … – Kaila Ann turns 5 Years old – November 2012 Most people throw old stumps away. Not us, we find them at Whitestone Park, stick […]

11/6/12 – 11/10/12

11/10/12 JjLJr is back to work, and he’s roughing it. Taking the bus and train out of Flushing on crutches !!! It was a day late, but we managed to make it to Joe’s to sing Happy Birthday !!! Someone was tired the other night at BPs wake, […]

11/1/12 – 11/5/12

11/5/12 This hawk was circling overhead today … A self-portrait … Found this dog flying around Whitestone Park, pretty amazing scene … My mushroom crop is doing well… I spent the entire week locked up at home, working. Here are a view images from Hurricane Sandy and Aftermath […]

10/26/12 – 10/31/12

10/31/12 CzP used to call for me when she was little to play ball in the street when she was younger. Now she’s all growed up with her own kids … boy am I fucking old … 10/30/12 What a storm. Hurricane Sandy beat the shit out of […]

10/21/12 – 10/25/12

10/25/12 We were all together for an early Happy Birthday dinner for PO JaL. This is what it looks like when this crew is all in one room. My folks came over, which made for a nice photo of the family together. They shutdown part of 5th avenue […]

10/17/12 – 10/20/12

10/20/12 Our baby, Frankie J turns 20 today. Frank is no longer a teenager, and we ask where has the time gone ? Frank is in his 3rd year of college at John Jay, doing wonderful. He hopes to become a NYC fireman some day, and we encourage […]

10/11/12 – 10/16/12

10/16/12 RIP Aunt Antoinette. On to meet Uncle Dominic and dancing forever again … We Love You and will miss you dearly. Rosanne looked beautiful for Kim’s shower. Great job baby… There’s live background music at Bryant Park now. Stop by for a beer and watch them build […]

10/6/12 – 10/10/12

10/10/12 I do like the fall colors and changing of the leaves …  I also hate cleaning them up 😉 … The original LT, Luhua Ting, Beaver Hollow 2002 The St. Patrick’s scaffolding is up, covering that beautiful spire for the next many months. The grass is gone […]

10/1/12 – 10/5/12

10/5/12 Happy Birthday to my old man. He turns 76 today. Enjoy your day, I Love You !!! 10/2/12 While at the park taking pics, I think I inadvertently captured a prisoner escaping from Rikers Island on a jet ski. Checkout this black squirrel from the park.

9/26/12 – 9/30/12

9/30/12 One of my new pics, taken from Chisolm Park Today’s backyard critter of the day… a giant preying mantis Scenes from MacNeil Park – Sept 2012 Cool looking moon tonight. Just the right amount of cloud cover. Here’s a cool series of photos. Planes taking off at […]

9/19/12 – 9/25/12

9/25/12 Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter-in-law, KpL carrying her baby boy… We love you KpL… 9/23/12 I just came across the tabbie from that new litter …. beautiful kitty… My latest civic adventure. Trying to get the Yield sign replaced from this dangerous highway entrance. Is this […]

9/14/12 – 9/18/12

9/18/12 Happy Birthday to my son Jack. He turns 28 today. We are very proud of you and love you very much. Enjoy your day today… To capture the whirlwind of fun over the past couple of days, here’s a recap – Jack Jr turns 28 – breaks […]

9/8/12 – 9/13/12

9/13/12 I visited the NJDC today, and took these Freedom Tower pics from 6th Ave and Jersey City. Passed by these cool vintage cars on 39th street. Nice tile mosaic at the Newport-Pavonia PATH station The WTC tribute lights from 9/11 as seen from our yard. Happy Birthday […]

9/1/12 – 9/7/12

9/7/12 OK, now I’ve had it. I tried to allow the spider to ‘grow’ and become one with us and nature. But he went too far. He built his web across my walkway. I’m convinced he has been working on catching larger prey and I think he’s been […]

8/27/12 – 8/31/12

8/31/12 That was one mighty old tree we lost down Whitestone Park. But Ro managed to score herself a piece. That’s right. I heart my honey … From when I had hair and actually had someone cut it, I used to go to Mary’s Hair Salon…. but now […]

8/22/12 – 8/26/12

8/26/12 It’s a birthday weekend. A couple more Happy Birthday shout outs to my beautiful sister-in-law, SL and my beautiful future niece NG. With the next blue moon approaching, getting this fortune in a cookie can be a sign … look out is all I got to say […]

8/16/12 – 8/21/12

8/21/12 It’s gonna be a boy.. my brother was right… God Bless Joe & Kim. We are very proud Grandparents-to-be of a grandson, who will continue the Leone name. I love you son. Here’s a great pic of my boss, JB and his beautiful bride DB. So the […]

8/6/12 – 8/15/12

8/15/12 Our grandchild is growing, and napping …. 8/11/12 Some good wind down the park today. Kept me busy for a while with my frisbee … Just got the mail and the brand new album out of Georgia by Lullwater. Thanks guys, playing it now… I do love […]