4/24/11 – 4/30/11

4/30/11 My nephew, the Vinman, played the Alphabet Lounge, on the Lower East Side, with that rising new group, From Out Of Nowhere – checkout the pics here, From Out Of Nowhere – Alphabet Lounge – April 2011 – enjoy the slideshow below, in fullscreen and also make […]

4/17/11 – 4/23/11

4/23/11 Our newest Florence Nightingale, KpM came home with this interesting sunburn treatment. Sunburn Treatment A guy fell asleep on the beach for several hours and got a horrible sunburn, specifically to his upper legs. He went to the hospital, and was promptly Admitted after being diagnosed with […]

4/4/11 – 4/16/11

4/16/11 We don’t know what the new IT org structure will look like when all is said and done, and there are never guarantees that all is done. With that said, it was extremely difficult to lose 2 of our founding fathers in NYDCOPS. Our Easy Rider, LF, […]

4/1/11 – 4/3/11

4/3/11 Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, Rosanne. Have a very Happy Birthday, and enjoy your special day !!! I Love You !!! I bought my honey a sexy new outfit for our no-no time. Doesn’t she look stunning in it ? I just had to share… Bryant […]

3/21/11 – 3/27/11

3/27/11 I’m sure the word is out. The rumor is true. If you heard it, and couldn’t or still can’t believe it, well it. happened. I was dancing. And not just one dance, one day. A few dances across two days. Here I am with my great-niece JG, […]

3/15//11– 3/20/11

3/20/11 28 years ago today I married Rosanne Albanese. Happy Anniversary sweetheart. That was the happiest day of my life, and after all this time, I still find you an amazing woman. You are a beautiful, sexy woman. Strong, confident, loving and caring, and so full of life. […]

3/9/11 – 3/14/11

3/14/11 Here’s a great pic of my beautiful great-niece JG. You look stunning in this sepia toned photo. What the funk is this ? It was installed recently, but I’ll be damned if I know what it is. I was just thinking, you all thought I was nuts […]

3/1/11 – 3/8/11

3/8/11 Something from Facebook. 3/6/11 The NYC subway system can be an interesting source for information. Here’s an example of an educational site that looks at foreign immigration… (the views represented here, are not necessarily those of the Musings) Lady Liberty was at the corner of 42nd Street […]

2/24/11 – 2/28/11

2/26/11 Happy Birthday to AM, who turns Sweet 16 today. Have a great time celebrating in Vermont. They are beginning to build the new glass facade at the main entrance to our building. Target erected these huge bookshelves in front of the NY Public Library the other day. […]

2/15/11 – 2/23/11

2/23/11 Happy Anniversary to my folks. Married 54 years today. Congratulations !!! How do you do it ? Happy Birthday to my UD. Enjoy your day… When you sign a release form that your photos can be used in the future as stock photos out in marketing land, […]

2/6/11 – 2/14/11

2/14/11 Happy Valentines Day to all you mothers, and lovers out there. I Love You Rosanne !!! Happy Birthday to my sis-in-law DA. Enjoy your day today. 2/13/11 Thanks PO JaL !!! Newly engaged JaL and KM moved one step closer to buying a new home. Good luck […]

2/1/11 – 2/5/11

2/5/11 I should have known better. That was Mayor Bloomberg who hoisted that Steelers Terrible Towel on the NY Public Library. He lost a bet, and we all have to look at that towel for a day. Oh well, Good luck to the Steelers this Sunday in the […]

1/28/11 – 1/31/11

1/31/11 The Moose, BE fished this vintage pic of EB from the FHS days. All’s I can say is look at the size of that ‘fro… and on a white guy !!! Boom Boom turned 50 the other day and was surprised when his family & friends all […]

1/17/11 – 1/27/11

1/27/11 Rosanne created this giant snowman today. It came out great. Wow, we got socked with a lot of snow this morning. We had about 17 inches. Amazing. Real pretty, but way too much snow to enjoy. One of the baby cats is even fed up with all […]

1/9/11 – 1/16/11

1/16/11 Good win by the Jets. They deserved the win, and out played the Pats…. On to Pittsburgh Go Jets. !!! 1/15/11 Pumps are all done. You guys did a great job here. Don’t f@#$ with me !!! JjLJr has had problems with his computer for months. Not […]

1/1/11 – 1/8/11

1/8/11 Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kim, and her family, as we all pray for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona. Ms Giffords is married to Kim’s astronaut cousin, Capt. Mark Kelly and was shot today in Tucson. 1/7/11 Here’s a blast from the past. SaY dug […]

12/29/10 – 12/31/10

12/30/10 I really give Scooby and the crew a lot of credit for the work they do. Watching them lift this 1,500 pound motor today shows the commitment and work ethic involved in this line of business. Great work guys, thank you so much…. I was sure glad […]

12/20/10 – 12/28/10

12/28/10 Checkout the Queens Crap blog for the latest happenings around Queens. Here’s a recent entry, with a submission from the Musings. I don’t know what going on. We haven’t seen a plow or a bus since the storm started. Not one of either. Very atypical. There is […]

12/15/10 – 12/19/10

12/19/10 As we approach Christmas, I find the obscure information fascinating. Here’s an interesting analysis. Santa, the scientific view… Not sure if you are on the Naughty or Nice list ? Here’s a way to tell real quick if you’ve been really bad Friday marked 29 years since […]

12/7/10 – 12/14/10

12/14/10 We had our annual holiday party last night. Everyone had a great time, and we all really appreciate these times when we can get together as a group. Although the group always seems smaller, we are all thankful for being able to continue to work together as […]

12/1/10 – 12/6/10

12/6/10 My Grandmother, Anna (Zelda to me), turns 100 years old today. Just pause and think about that for a moment. 100 years old. Think about the history she has seen. She was born in 1910, married Grandpa in 1938, and is responsible so far for 3 children, […]

11/27/10 – 11/30/10

11/30/10 Me, DN from Chicago and RC from the UK came across the King on our PATH ride back to the city. 11/29/10 We lost a great comedy actor, Leslie Nielsen has passed away. And he will be missed. 11/28/10 Here’s a song my honey really likes at […]

11/19/10 – 11/26/10

11/26/10 We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner with our family. My Mom, Dad and Grandmother joined us. Later on AJ & UD stopped over for coffee. Everyone, including Tyson stuffed themselves, and Tyson even took a nap… Next week we have the grand 100th birthday part for […]

11/1/10 – 11/7/10

11/7/10 Happy Birthday to our flatfoot in the family, JaL. Joe turns 24 this year, and what a year it’s been. He’s ‘on the job’ a little over a year now, and he is newly engaged to our favorite nurse, KM. We love you son, you make us […]

10/29/10 – 10/31/10

10/31/10 Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe out there today, and watch for witches speeding on brooms. We were visited by Jack Sparrow, Popeye and some real hot looking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtless yesterday… We were finally able to take Pop out for his birthday, and gave him his […]

10/24/10 – 10/28/10

10/28/10 Well, he got the call. We can finally announce that JjLJr is the newest member of the 3rd shift. We’re proud of his decision to submit an application and take a chance on a new field. I’m sure you will do fine. You’re smart, energetic, and willing […]

10/15/10 – 10/23/10

10/23/10 Here are pics from Frank’s big 18th birthday party bash. Frank turns 18 – October 2010 10/22/10 EP starts our day with a wonderful look at our world through microphotography. 10/21/10 Congratulations to JjLJr. If he passes the background check and drug test, he’s got himself a […]

10/10/10 – 10/14/10

10/14/10 No matter where you stand on the subject, or any subject for that matter, where do these 2 hags get off walking of the stage of their own TV discussion show, when they hear an opinion they don’t agree with, coming from someone THEY FUCKING INVITED onto […]