I’ve been on vacation all week, and missed my usual Friday Chinese food lunch. I look forward to my fried rice on Fridays, and stumbled across this to fill the void for the day. There’s always next week. DF from up Buffalo way, sends in this Public Service […]


More facts expose Obama’s lie about meeting with that bad Governor. For my fellow conspiracy theorists, the die-off has started – it’s the sun Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece MS. She turns 24 today. I’m playing around with embedding a slideshow in the blog. Here’s Nonny at […]


12/10/08 Scooby is back on solid ground, and put together this story and photo slideshow, enjoy. Well, we had Frank’s follow-up yesterday with the the surgeon, and he will need the knee operation. We’re set for 12/29 and it should be a few hours barring any problems. It’ll […]


My kids are much older now, so we have different ways to explain things to them than many younger parents might have. So, at this time of year, as you try to explain how Santa gets around the world and delivers all those presents in just a few […]


My beautiful God-daughter is in 9th grade already. Well, it looks like we don’t have to worry about possibly going back to 7 WTC in the future. Larry Silverstein just signed another bank to take the top 3 floors of the rebuilt tower sitting in Ground Zero. We […]


My grandmother, Zelda, turns 98 years young today. 98 years. Can you imagine ? She’s an amazing woman. She still lives alone in Flushing, walks to Main Street every day, and is the first one up dancing at a party, and the last one to stop. If you […]


My beautiful sister, AtA turns 50 today. Happy birthday !!! We love you very much. Have you heard about the Lego-like toy that’s the latest jihadi rage ? the Brick Arms Minfig – Bandit ‘Mr. White’ aka Terrorist Lego. OJ Simpson, up to 33 years in jail. Holy […]


I got an email from our intrepid explorer ScoobyFitz at around noon today. He’s in northern Iceland, waiting to try again for Greenland. Read his story and his pics. a scooby waiting on top of the world WFP from Tampa way, poses this question. Who is your real […]


12/3/08 Scooby checks in on his way through Iceland – got a story and photos to share. Frankie V is 5 years old today. You’re getting old kid. Happy Birthday !!!. I’ll have updated pics after his big bash this weekend TR sends in this amazing story of […]


This is a test from that nurse of ours DnC. Don’t try this if you’ve already had a few too many, but do try it. Have fun. The color test Also from DnC, take me back to the 60s ScoobyFitz has begun his latest journey. This time he’s […]


Just in time for the winter snow season, the big Guy, WFP reminds us that Winter Sucks. Not for nothing, but do you have to worry about this stuff anymore, down in Tampa ? This is still for DF to deal with up in Buffalo. While looking for […]


Visit the brand new ZoSoGames room I just created. I found a neat sight with widgets, and an extensive collection of web games. Real kool stuff. I will post my favorites on this new page and you will have hours of fun. First game is Championship 8 Ball, […]


Check this article out. They found a 2,700 year old stash of marijuana in a Chinese tomb. Checkout this image of a piece of wood found on Mars. Did you know we have images of forests on Mars ? Read this piece about wood on Mars. Had to […]


I’m hoping after all this work, you are all happy I am back here, using the format again. I did figure out a way to insert a photo gallery, so I am happy about that. So, it’s poll time. Are you glad my site is back at this […]


So, Dubya has pardoned the turkey, he pardoned a convicted drug dealer who is also a rapper, but he STILL hasn’t pardoned those 2 Border Patrol cops serving time for shooting a fleeing Mexican drug smuggler in the back. Go figure. ScoobyFitz is spending Thanksgiving with his family, […]


Well, my little experiment with having my blog posts at WordPress.com didn’t work out. So, I’m back here, where my honey and LF prefer. Give me a few days to move the important posts over, and I’ll be back in business. I will also explain a bit my […]

I got an email from my cousin today

He coaches his son’s flag football team, and they just won the flag football division championship. They head to the Superbowl next. ML is also submitting the following article to the local newspaper. Colts and Monsters faced off in another epic battle, this time for the Saturday Division […]