10/27/09 – 10/31/09

10/31/09   Halloween was fun today. We had a bunch of kids. They all had a great time. Checkout the Happy Halloween – October 2009 pics.   Here’s a recap of my Days of Autumn – Fall 2009 photos so far.   Here’s a nice pic of a […]

10/20/09 – 10/26/09

10/26/09 For those struggling with the decision to get the kids vaccinated – when the first kids get vaccinated, then you may want to consider it for your children. Until then, don’t do it. Roving Reporter checks in with a few doozies. Here are my favorites. From TR, […]

10/10/09 – 10/17/09

10/17/09 Where oh where are you Don Ciccci ? YF is looking for you …. Just asking, but if you had allergies to certain foods, would you eat things you don’t know what they are ? And after one bite, would you eat more ? I’ve always said, […]

10/1/09 – 10/9/09

10/9/09 It’s good to see that cops get towed sometimes as well. I wonder if PPOJaL wrote this ticket ? Here’s a question I have begun to ask again at our monthly tenant meetings. Are we still bullet-proof ? Here’s a nice pic of Jack and his hottie […]

9/17/09 – 9/30/09

9/30/09 I love this kind of stuff. When is a rape not a rape ? When it’s committed by someone Whoopi Goldberg likes. Liberals get all twisted when laws are applied to them. Especially when it’s laws they wrote, championed, and just yesterday stood by the rape victim, […]

9/12/09 – 9/16/09

9/16/09 Checkout Obama calling Kanye West a jackass. Kool. My honey sends in this article – Comet Outbursts Spawns Mini-Comets. I love when they tell us this is the first time this was ever witnessed by astronomers. You can’t even imagine what’s going on out there that we […]

9/1/09 – 9/11/09

9/11/09 Well, it’s been 8 years since that awful day, and it really doesn’t get better. All year long it kinda feels like it’s getting better, but as the days draw closer it kind of slows down again and it begins to set in. Like I said, September […]

8/17/09 – 8/27/09

8/27/09 So now the crazies want to tie Ted Kennedy’s death to the ObamaCare plan. Haven’t you all been paying attention ? There are 2 points to be taken from Kennedy’s death on this plan : Congress has been written OUT of the plan. They are NOT ALLOWED […]

8/1/09 – 8/14/09

8/14/09 Checkout the latest crop circle. A wonderful 3-D cube This video is great, and comes to us from the Big Guy, WFP, down Tampa way. Ted Nugent explains why he prefers dead offenders to repeat offenders. Brilliant. We the People stand right by you Ted. Here’s an […]

7/14/09 – 7/31/09

7/31/09 Today marks 30 years that I started working at Republic National Bank (now HSBC). I started out as a 3rd shift operator, working alone on weekends and holidays and worked my tail off for the company to rise to where I am today. It’s been quite an […]

7/1/09 – 7/13/09

7/13/09 If traffic is like this at the Utopia exits, it’s gonna be a real bad ride to the park… This was due to closing of the Throgs Neck Bridge. Me and my honey came across this $1,500 guitar at a garage sale. This obviously Italian made blue […]

6/26/09 – 6/30/09

6/30/09 FjL got his report card, and he made second Honors. Congratulations son, you make us very proud. Enjoy summer, and read lots of books. Here’s a close-up shot of that illegal tattoo on Noodles’ back. I have many other pics from the party that couldn’t be made […]

6/16/09 – 6/25/09

6/25/09 Congratulations to Coach Mike and the Colts team from Long Island. Colts win the Super Bowl. Way to go RL and the boys. How worried are the lefties of Sarah Palin ? read this one, from a very funny senator John Kerry. Go Sarah !! You got […]

5/28/09 – 6/15/09

6/15/09 Wednesday is gun & shield day for PPO Leone. Hopefully photos aren’t illegal. There’s a new huge, 400ft crop circle of the Phoenix rising. Finally, all of these czar appointments are drawing attention. It might be because every one of them is ILLEGAL. Check this out. Japanese […]

5/16/09 – 5/27/09

5/27/09 From the Big Guy, WFP, see if you can beat the regifter. 5/25/09 On this Memorial Day, let’s remember the true meaning of the day. Please visit our local heroes memorial pages. They gave their lives for our freedom. Here’s something you don’t see everyday in Whitestone. […]

5/4/09 – 5/14/09

5/14/09 With baseball season in full bloom, what better way to celebrate than by watching Bud Abbott & Lou Costello do the Who’s on first ? routine. Enjoy. And if that doesn’t get you over to Hulu, perhaps, the Time Warp will ? Read Joe Farah today on […]

4/19/09 – 5/2/09

5/2/09 I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it’s May already. Me and my honey went to dinner last night, and as we crossed FrannyLew, she slipped on a banana peel. I always thought that couldn’t happen, but you can slip on these things… So, please […]

4/11/09 – 4/18/09

4/18/09 Hope you enjoyed the weather these past 2 days. It was gorgeous. We’ve been to the park a few times, and made it to Orchard Beach as well. Here are a few pics we took with The Ms…. Frank got in some more driving time at the […]

3/29/09 – 4/10/09

4/10/09 From JpL, down Fla. way, the first car out of Detroit since the bailouts. 4/8/09 Here are a few good articles for todays reading Joseph Farah, The most chilling words since ‘New World Order’ Ann Coulter, Let’s all surrender our weapons – you first ! Jack Cashill, […]

3/12/09 – 3/28/09

3/28/09 If you are a fan of gymnastics, and the pummel horse, you will most certainly appreciate this recent performance by 2 Americans going for the gold. Thanks to JpL who is always searching for athletic excellence items to contribute to the Musings. DF sends over a new […]

3/1/09 – 3/11/09

3/11/09 Roving Reporter has been on hiatus for some time now, but submits this interesting video. It was shown, of all places, at an AARP contest. Lost Generation Another filthy, dirty ape went nuts, and kills cruel owner with coconut. Be careful out there everyone, I hear they […]

2/22/09 – 2/27/09

2/27/09 Support my niece SA. She goes to school at UNH and is a star on the softball team. Here’s a couple of good articles. Joseph Farah on Race baiter Eric Holder , Ann Coulter on The Cal Ripken president and Jane Chastain with The president’s plan to […]

2/14/09 – 2/21/09

2/21/09 KimmiePoo just turned me onto this kool phun foto site, called FaceInHole.com. Here are some samples she created of my boys. A very proud grandfather from Buffalo, DF, sends in these videos of Quick Fingers O’Dwyer aka CO doing Beethovens Fur Elise and Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf […]

2/1/09 – 2/13/09

2/13/09 Arthur Spooner mentioned Sen-Sen tonite on TKoQ. Here’s a place where you can buy them. Sad news to report. A plane crashed into a Buffalo neighborhood. Am working to see if any of our friends were impacted. Here’s a Google maps view of the block. View Larger […]

1/15/09 – 1/31/09

1/31/09 I got my NYC notice of property value the other day. How come all mortgages are failing, house values are dropping, and don’t equal loaned principle, but our house INCREASED in value ??? I guess the city can collect more tax from an increase in the value […]

1/10/09 – 1/14/09

1/14/09 Checkout this Highlights and Accomplishments of George W. Bush document. Frank has started his physical therapy for his knee, and is in quite a bit of pain. Kind of misleading considering the small scars left by the surgery. He calls it the ‘Messina tumor’. Thanks Nonny … […]