10/1/14 – 10/5/14

10/5/14 The family visited Pops for his birthday. Happy Birthday to my dad. Enjoy your day. I Love you !!! Took a walk through Chisolm’s Park, spotted a bunch of initials on trees, but these caught my eye, from 1946, 1967 and 1971 and 1994 … For the […]

9/26/14 – 9/30/14

9/30/14 Had a nice lunch with the Floor Mgmt team to celebrate EP’s 20th anniversary, and KjW joining the bank. We have CR, JL, EP, EF, VC and KjW. Yes, I had my veal dish … what else was I going to eat ??? Work begins on a […]

9/21/14 – 9/25/14

9/25/14 I spotted our admin hanging by the perch. MR is doing  a great job for us, and keeps us well organized, and all of our invoices up to date. And to boot, she tolerates the boys pretty good. After all with the likes of Scooby, JJ , […]

9/16/14 – 9/20/14

9/20/14 I miss and think about you every day Zeke. I love you … I love my Godmother and Aunt with all my heart … My favorite bracelet, wearing it for 7 years now, have never removed it … 9/19/14 JjLJr liked his Michaelangelo TMNT mask he got […]

9/11/14 – 9/15/14

9/15/14 My prayers go out to my brudder and his family. Potter passed away, and is now running in the fields of Heaven with his cousin Sparky. I like to imagine that Potter is learning to swim, since Sparky was so good at it. I love you guys. […]

9/6/14 – 9/10/14

9/10/14 An early birthday present from Probie FjL. Love it my man… thank you, Never Forget !!! Meet the newest addition to the Pez collection. A giant Raphael TMNT Pez … Cowabunga dude !!! For my friend DpF, up Buffalo way, I’m still wearing mine too. You were […]

9/1/14 – 9/5/14

9/5/14 The Silver Fox, HP was in town today, it was great seeing you today, and watching Scooby get buzzed on 1 glass of vino. And of course, to our host AG and JJ on backup vocals … The next row to get decomm’d and remediated for new […]

8/26/14 – 8/31/14

8/31/14 Check it out, I’m pretty sure I caught an osprey flying overhead here in College Point… Beautiful starling in the neighbors tree. Me and Hef before he took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge … 8/30/14 The Leolympics continue, and I’ve come back from a large deficit, to […]

8/21/14 – 8/25/14

8/25/14 What a nice surprise. The Vinman stopped over to visit his favorite aunt, uncle and cousins JjLJr and Probie FjL… Love you boy, and yes, those are penguins on JjLJrs pants … The Tool and his new Project Management team visited NJ2 for a tour, and some […]

8/16/14 – 8/20/14

8/19/14 Well the plan was to see the TMNT movie again with ProbieFjL, but it was sold out. Look who I spotted getting a shoeshine on 42nd Street. WM was getting them peds all shined up. Sure hope he doesn’t bill us for this … Scooby stopped by […]

8/11/14 – 8/15/14

8/15/14 Moving CRAC 10-4, to make way for more racks. Thanks to Scooby and Russ and the boys … This should conclude the CRACs dancing on that floor … 8/14/14 My newest Pez display is nearly full already. I think they all look good together… So, I’m driving […]

8/6/14 – 8/10/14

8/9/14 Ding dong, that means the mailman is delivering a new package. It’s the 40th anniversary Pez Hello Kitty set, Hello Kitty, Sister Mimi, Papa George and Mama Mary … Welcome to the collection. My nephew Noodles, got his new tat to honor Sparky. Looks pretty good … […]

8/1/14 – 8/5/14

8/5/14 My nephew, Noodles and his gal… Happy birfday – Happy birthday to my handsome nephew Noodles… Enjoy my man… And remember to always use protection, I have enough great-nieces… 8/4/14 It was just a matter of time before I came to this intersection… Our Special Angel, OnA […]

7/26/14 – 7/31/14

7/31/14 Well, today I reach a major milestone with the Bank. 35 years of service to Republic National Bank and HSBC Bank USA. I’m proud of what we’ve done here over the years. Proud to have worked with so many fine people and friends. We gave it our […]

7/21/14 – 7/25/14

7/25/14 7 Bryant Park is starting to take shape, and looks quite interesting… Thank God for friends who take family vacations together. I get to scoop up the Mets tix while they have fun in the sun … Enjoy your trip AG, and thanks again … I don’t […]

7/16/14 – 7/20/14

7/20/14 Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece and God-daughter, DjH… She turns 35 today. I love you !!! Now, is this REALLY necessary ? 7/19/14 Checkout the cool email I got from the Flushing BID. These are the folks who selected 2 of my photos for a contest […]

7/11/14 – 7/15/14

7/15/14 We lost a member of the family today. My brother and his family made the difficult decision to put Sparky down. It’s been a rough time for them all, and Sparky gave it a good fight. I know the family is in pain, and that, with time […]

7/6/14 – 7/10/14

7/10/14 U see the things I do for my brother ??? Our Special Angel, OnA… Today’s TBT – FjL at the beach wearing a cape. Starting Monday, he starts wearing over 50 pounds of bunker gear as he enters the FDNY Academy … How fast time flies … […]

7/1/14 – 7/5/14

7/5/14 Spotted this butterfly down Whitestone Park. A nice view of the Whitestone Bridge… Let’s just call this ‘krazy eyes’ blackbird. Spotted this vintage Farmall tractor while driving through the Point It sounds like the planes are landing IN Home Depot, they come in so low and loud… […]

6/26/14 – 6/30/14

6/30/14 We’re laying the new power conduit, got about 30 more racks today, under-floor cable tray is all set, and the first row of the network racks are in position to be built…. Office and Storage area construction is all studded out. A lot going on for the […]

6/21/14 – 6/25/14

6/25/14 Todays TBT comes from a time when life was simpler. Me and my boys hanging at the perch … Congrats to the Big Dip, who will be OnAs GodFather… Looks like they got vans driving around, reading plates, and booting cars with tickets over $350 … Capacitors […]

6/16/14 – 6/20/14

6/19/14 The Vinman turns 26 today. Happy Birthday boy…Enjoy … I love you !!! For today’s TBT, we have the Vinman and FjL, with their grandmother, 6 years ago… Congrats to POJaL, he scored an 88 on the Sergeants exam, and is number 62 out of 900 who […]

6/11/14 – 6/15/14

6/15/14 Happy Fathers Day to all you mother-funkers out there. For my dad, when I visit later … (that should get him into trouble…). He’s the best dad I ever had … and if I ever said otherwise, he’d beat me to remind me … (just kidding… or, […]

6/6/14 – 6/10/14

6/10/14 And to close out the day, here’s the graduation photo I created for FjL Graduates John Jay College. Love you boy. Hope you like the special quote. On the positive side, before he beat me we took turns shaving half his head as he readies for the […]

6/1/14 – 6/5/14

6/5/14 Got my 35 year anniversary letter from Irene, and selected my gift. The 35 year anniversary jeweled pin. There was a time when you always received the jeweled pin, no matter what other gift you selected, now, it’s one of the gifts. Had to get it, to […]

5/26/14 – 5/31/14

5/30/14 The Leolympics are tied at 74 games. Through guts, fortitude and sheer determination, I’ve overcome a 5 game deficit against FjL, the little Fokker is giving me a run for my money… Oh, and let’s not forget those back-to-back shutouts … 5/29/14 The boys helped clear out […]

5/21/14 – 5/25/14

5/25/14 We had our annual College Point Memorial Day Parade – May 2014 – they seem to be getting shorter each year. And this year, no Mayor of NYC. Shame on you … Had a nice time at dinner with  a group of old friends from our grade […]

5/16/14 – 5/20/14

5/20/14 What would the Leolympics be without an officially licensed t-shirt I guess the word hasn’t gotten around. This guy didn’t even fight for it back… Just another day on the rock at rense.com … The Empire State Building from 5th Avenue Sure hope Superman stays off of […]

5/11/14 – 5/15/14

5/15/14 This just in, a leaked photo by the security guard at CitiField of Mr. Met trying to kidnap JaJo … good thing his momma was there to wrestle him away … FjL and the John Jay choir … 2014 0514 John Jay Choir Well, according to Mike […]

5/6/14 – 5/10/14

5/10/14 We visited with OnA today, and she is settling in to her new home. Her big cousin was even there to hang out… 5/9/14 Our beautiful great-niece OnA has come home from the hospital. Welcome home. We love you !!! Got me a fresh set of yellow […]