9/1/11 – 9/11/11

9/11/11 Visited AJ in the hospital. A beautiful baby, and I ain’t just saying that because he’s family. Here’s the pics – Happy Birthday AJ – Sept 2011 First photo of AJ on his birthday. Beautiful. Yahoo did a very respectful gesture this morning. AJ has arrived. Congratulations […]

8/28/11 – 8/31/11

8/31/11 Front window repair passed the water penetration test. I think I might have actually fixed something myself at the house…. That’s just my opinion, I might eventually be wrong…. My bro, and Frankie V showed up on 5th avenue yesterday. That was a nice surprise… Some more […]

8/22/11 – 8/27/11

8/27/11 We had a great time at Nicole & John’s wedding last night. The bride was beautiful, and the groom was quite handsome. Everyone had a blast. This is the first great-grandchild wedding that Zelda attends, at 100 and 8 months in age. She partied until 2am. Next […]

8/14/11 – 8/21/11

8/21/11 Visited 2 good car shows this weekend. There was one at the College Point Yacht Club, and the weekly one in Whitestone. Saw a couple of the Benches boys there, PL in the Point, and RD showed off his 40’s Willy… And I saw that hot chick […]

8/6/11 – 8/13/11

8/13/11 We caught our friend, AL and Tricked Out Country at Smith’s Bar in NYC. Great show. Tricked Out Country – August 2011 I’m riding the subways going on 35+ years now. I’ve seen and heard a lot. We have the rats, the garbage, the alluring smell of […]

8/1/11 – 8/5/11

8/5/11 My nephew AL, aka Noodles, turns 20 years old today. Way to go young man. Enjoy your birthday. We love you !!! 8/4/11 Ro skated while I walked around Flushing Meadow Park. Took some nice pics of the Unisphere… Happy 50th Birthday to my favorite brother-in-law BA. […]

7/26/11 – 7/31/11

7/31/11 Well, today marks 32 years for me as I chase the Art Ross milestone for tenure…. As I look back, it has been an amazing transformation, both for RNB as it grew, expanded, and was acquired by HSBC. It’s also been a transformation for me. Look at […]

7/22/11 – 7/25/11

7/25/11 For our little slice of property in Queens, we sure have a lot of nature roaming about. I caught this praying mantis in the yard the other day as he made his way around the yard. Load banks are onsite. Preparing to test those temporary generators, before […]

7/14/11 – 7/21/11

7/21/11 Our last 2 early summer butterflies emerged yesterday. Both are beautiful, however, as nature has it, one was not entirely perfect. We did lose about 4 of them due to natural selection. I will say, that we haven’t found any that survived on their own in the […]

7/1/11 – 7/13/11

7/13/11 I took a few cool macro shots the other day. I don’t know what that little green bug is, but it was small, and really cool looking. We call it a leaf bug. The new landlord is advertising the newly freed space in the building. There are […]

6/20/11 – 6/30/11

6/27/11 A special 4th of July JibJab treat from Scooby & Me … We the People are coming – 2012 – God Bless America Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab! 6/26/11 I uploaded a bunch of new photos to My Favorites collection. I hope you enjoy […]

6/11/11 – 6/19/11

6/19/11 Happy Birthday to my nephew, the Vinman. He turns 23 today and is a fine young man. We love you kid !!! Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there. It ain’t easy being a parent these days, and we all deserve credit and recognition. That […]

6/5/11 – 6/10/11

6/10/11 We have fresh butterfly eggs on our fennel bush. In a few days, they will hatch, grow into mighty caterpillars, then cocoon and become the summers first crop of Leone butterflies. We can’t wait…. Here’s a tease from last summer’s crop – Our Summer Butterflies – July […]

6/1/11 – 6/4/11

6/4/11 Well, we officially have only 2 boys living at home now. Joe stopped by with a U-Haul to pick up his old bed, and AC unit and some other items. He and KP also spent their first night sleeping at their home. Congrats guys, and good luck… […]

5/24/11 – 5/31/11

5/30/11 All Gave Some, Some Gave all – God Bless America On this Memorial Day, we honor those fallen in service to our country. We thank you all, and your families for your sacrifice and dedication to keeping us free. Here are pics from the College Point Memorial […]

5/18/11 – 5/23/11

5/23/11 Here’s some video of bringing one of the dry coolers to the roof. Dry Cooler lift video. Their motto ? – ‘We pick thing sup and we put things down.’ 5/22/11 Just got word that an image such as this is now banned by OSHA at major […]

5/10/11 – 5/17/11

5/17/11 Breaking News, from TR. Reports coming in that Osama has met the first of the 72 virgins that were waiting for him. Congrats to Joe & Kim, got the keys to their new home last night. Good Luck guys, we love you… Joe & Kim new home […]

5/1/11 – 5/9/11

5/9/11 This just in from the TR, The TRUTH about Bin Laden’s burial at sea Bin Laden Given Religious Funeral Prior to Sea Burial Published May 02, 2011 Osama bin Laden was given a religious funeral prior to his burial at sea, senior military officials told Fox News. […]

4/24/11 – 4/30/11

4/30/11 My nephew, the Vinman, played the Alphabet Lounge, on the Lower East Side, with that rising new group, From Out Of Nowhere – checkout the pics here, From Out Of Nowhere – Alphabet Lounge – April 2011 – enjoy the slideshow below, in fullscreen and also make […]

4/17/11 – 4/23/11

4/23/11 Our newest Florence Nightingale, KpM came home with this interesting sunburn treatment. Sunburn Treatment A guy fell asleep on the beach for several hours and got a horrible sunburn, specifically to his upper legs. He went to the hospital, and was promptly Admitted after being diagnosed with […]

4/4/11 – 4/16/11

4/16/11 We don’t know what the new IT org structure will look like when all is said and done, and there are never guarantees that all is done. With that said, it was extremely difficult to lose 2 of our founding fathers in NYDCOPS. Our Easy Rider, LF, […]

4/1/11 – 4/3/11

4/3/11 Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, Rosanne. Have a very Happy Birthday, and enjoy your special day !!! I Love You !!! I bought my honey a sexy new outfit for our no-no time. Doesn’t she look stunning in it ? I just had to share… Bryant […]

3/21/11 – 3/27/11

3/27/11 I’m sure the word is out. The rumor is true. If you heard it, and couldn’t or still can’t believe it, well it. happened. I was dancing. And not just one dance, one day. A few dances across two days. Here I am with my great-niece JG, […]

3/15//11– 3/20/11

3/20/11 28 years ago today I married Rosanne Albanese. Happy Anniversary sweetheart. That was the happiest day of my life, and after all this time, I still find you an amazing woman. You are a beautiful, sexy woman. Strong, confident, loving and caring, and so full of life. […]

3/9/11 – 3/14/11

3/14/11 Here’s a great pic of my beautiful great-niece JG. You look stunning in this sepia toned photo. What the funk is this ? It was installed recently, but I’ll be damned if I know what it is. I was just thinking, you all thought I was nuts […]

3/1/11 – 3/8/11

3/8/11 Something from Facebook. 3/6/11 The NYC subway system can be an interesting source for information. Here’s an example of an educational site that looks at foreign immigration… (the views represented here, are not necessarily those of the Musings) Lady Liberty was at the corner of 42nd Street […]

2/24/11 – 2/28/11

2/26/11 Happy Birthday to AM, who turns Sweet 16 today. Have a great time celebrating in Vermont. They are beginning to build the new glass facade at the main entrance to our building. Target erected these huge bookshelves in front of the NY Public Library the other day. […]

2/15/11 – 2/23/11

2/23/11 Happy Anniversary to my folks. Married 54 years today. Congratulations !!! How do you do it ? Happy Birthday to my UD. Enjoy your day… When you sign a release form that your photos can be used in the future as stock photos out in marketing land, […]

2/6/11 – 2/14/11

2/14/11 Happy Valentines Day to all you mothers, and lovers out there. I Love You Rosanne !!! Happy Birthday to my sis-in-law DA. Enjoy your day today. 2/13/11 Thanks PO JaL !!! Newly engaged JaL and KM moved one step closer to buying a new home. Good luck […]