12/1/13 – 12/5/13

12/5/13 Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister AtA. Enjoy your day. I Love You !!! Nelson Mandela died today. Rest in Peace Madiba. You changed the world  … 12/4/13 The NY Public Library got some new railings. And it looks like they’ve always been there already. I caught […]

11/26/13 – 11/30/13

11/29/13 We took 4 cluttered, old and full racks and consolidated down to 2 to make room for newer kit. Good job boys… 11/28/13 Some pics from Thanksgiving dinner. Wished I would have seen my grandson, just not meant to be I suppose. And not even a pic […]

11/21/13 – 11/25/13

11/25/13 Now the X is following FjL, He spotted it today over the city … hmmm FjL came across those Buddhists handing out crap. And he learned how to get one without making a donation … atta boy … JaJo was spotted with  a new ‘neat’ hairstyle … […]

11/16/13 – 11/20/13

11/20/13 Got a new Sumsi Pez for World Savings Day in Europe. Always fun when I get a Pez that will never be released in the USA. 11/19/13 now, that’s an early Pez …. 11/18/13 NYC Bravest responding to a house fire in the neighborhood. That could be […]

11/11/13 – 11/15/13

11/15/13 FjL continues to excel at John Jay College, and made the Dean’s list and received this award. We are very proud of you son. 11/14/13 Word’s already out that my replacement corporate card is in … Evergreen is on speedial and Scooby is already ordering food for […]

11/6/13 – 11/10/13

11/10/13 We got to see our grandson today. JaJo and his dad PoJaL stopped over for a visit. Hanging with JaJo – November 2013. It was a very pleasant visit. JaJo was in fine spirits… JaJo was over today. Took a few pics that I’ll post. Checkout how […]

11/1/13 – 11/5/13

11/5/13 Good luck to Mayor-elect Bill DeBlasio. He’s gonna need it FjL casting his first ever vote for mayor 11/4/13 FjL is one step closer. Passed his last FDNY test. Congrats and love you son. Very proud of you 11/3/13 Not that I’m bragging, but with the 2013 […]

10/26/13 – 10/31/13

10/31/13 The pizza delivery guy thought the witch was his tip…. For a witch, Ro ain’t half bad … Here’s a few Halloween images of the day. Look away … I’m hideous…. the transformation begins … Happy Halloween boys and girls … be safe and have a Pezzy […]

10/21/13 – 10/25/13

10/25/13 The other half of our old management team enjoyed a Wells Fargo funded lunch. Always good when  Me, SaY and CC get together. Even better when it’s SaY picking up the tab… MC and the Crew have started having tons of fun, with loads of spools of […]

10/16/13 – 10/20/13

10/20/13 Our youngest son, FjL turns 21 years old today. Frank has matured into a fine young man, and continues to excel at all that he does. He’s close to graduating John Jay College, and is now in the process of joining the FDNY. We are so proud […]

10/11/13 – 10/15/13

10/14/13 Yes, the Jets are losers, but their Fly Crew girls are awesome. This hottie, in today’s Post on page 3 is my niece MSs friend. Y I K E S, Yikes, Yikes, Yikes Saw my lawyer, Tom Liotti on the news the other night. This is the […]

10/6/13 – 10/10/13

10/10/13 Look who made it to the big city to shop. A1 spent 4 hours on a bus from that stepchild borough of Staten Island. She’s looking good despite having 2 high school teenage girls … Too bad Boom Boom and LJ were out of office. It’s here… […]

10/1/13 – 10/5/13

10/5/13 My old man turns another page today. He’s the one who started it all, and you can blame it all on him. Happy Birthday Pop. I love you !!! 10/4/13 Happy Birthday to GG, a good guy dating my beautiful niece MS. Hope you had an awesome […]

9/26/13 – 9/30/13

9/30/13 The 7000s are onsite. OK, they weigh a ton, cost a $zillion, took months to get the space ready, now let’s get these damn things mounted. that’s EP, CR, LC and the rest of the boys who get to set these puppies up … Here’s a blast […]

9/21/13 – 9/25/13

9/25/13 JaL & JaJo stopped over for family gathering to celebrate JjLJr and my birthday. My folks stopped in as well. Look at that long hair … I love it … His first exposure to a Leone Happy Birthday sing-a-long … Hanging with JaJo – September 2013 FjL […]

9/16/13 – 9/20/13

9/20/13 I got a bunch of special, funny, curious and unique birthday messages today. I thank everyone for sending them my way, especially since I don’t advertise my birthday any longer. I got this one from my youngest son FjL on Instagram, and it was the kicker. Thank […]

9/11/13 – 9/15/13

9/15/13 Here’s a short video compilation from the Jets 2013 Season Opener game vs the Buccaneers. 2013.0908 Jets Game. Thanks again to GG and MS for their tickets. We had a great time. Spotted Scooby in his new van at the car show … Spotted this dude walking […]

9/6/13 – 9/10/13

9/10/13 EW was passing by after selling us a ton of new Cisco kit. He’s created a ton of work for me, but hey, that’s what we do … And it’s driving Scooby crazy, worried that he can’t cool it all down … Had a good working lunch […]

9/1/13 – 9/5/13

9/5/13 Came home yesterday to the pool sidewall bulging and ready to burst. Only lasted 11 years … I was enjoying the pool these last few years. Really gonna miss it. Now I gotta take it down and figure out what to do next. Glad JaJo got to […]

8/26/13 – 8/31/13

8/30/13 Happy Birthday to my beautiful God-daughter NaL. At 19, she is a loving, caring and wonderful young woman. I love you .. enjoy your day !!! We visited the National Cemetery at Pinelawn, and I have to tell you, it’s a very powerful image to see all […]

8/21/13 – 8/25/13

8/25/13 There’s even more krazy Musings material on our Videos by the Musings YouTube channel. Hit me up, and check out the videos. Ro makes good use of that pole we added to the bedroom. Caught her doing her exercises the other night… A No Stopping Taxi drop-off […]

8/16/13 – 8/20/13

8/19/13 I used special bumper paint to fix my Camry rear bumper from all the nicks and dings. Sent away and got exact Toyota color match. I may give it another coat or two, but it came out very good… Check out before and after pics. Came across […]

8/11/13 – 8/15/13

8/14/13 Hit the Freeport Nautical Mile to cap the end of vacation and back to work. Chilled at Braccos, caught some live music, and even stumbled upon B&VM and the gang headed back from the beach … Chilling at Braccos – Freeport, LI – August 2013 A couple […]

8/6/13 – 8/10/13

8/10/13 Here are the pics from our Cape Cod Vacation – August 2013. Pretty nice shots, beautiful old homes, and real nice people. And the Long Dell Inn is an awesome Bed & Breakfast, run by 2 awesome people. Please be sure and visit them if you make […]

8/1/13 – 8/5/13

8/5/13 Happy Birthday to my nephew Noodles. AL turns 22 and loves driving my brother crazy .. My newest sunset cover page taken from the bay looking at Fort Totten 8/4/13 Happy Birthday shout out to my favorite brother-in-law. BA turns another page and is living good as […]

7/26/13 – 7/31/13

7/31/13 Ain’t no one else gonna do this for me so, Happy Anniversary to me, for reaching 34 years with the bank. I know, that’s a damn long time. When you think about it, by starting in 1979, I’ve spanned 5 decades at the bank…. I put together […]

7/21/13 – 7/25/13

7/25/13 Scooby likes everyone to think he spends the entire day on hot sweltering roofs. I spotted him spending his lunch time in the Times Square Toys-R-Us riding The Myster Machine with RS on the indoor ferris wheel … 7/24/13 A very nice dinner with Babs and the […]

7/16/13 – 7/20/13

7/20/13 This cab creamed an SUV and caused 2 other accidents the other day. Forget about the traffic … College Point Blvd is growing up. New island dividers going up. A reflection of the traffic and pedestrian volume. FjL slipped and fell at work. Hurt his wrist, and […]

7/11/13 – 7/15/13

7/15/13 Spotted this tomato hornworm on our neighbors tomato plant. This ugly mother will become a sphinx moth, if it makes it, look how fast he consumes the leaf. You probably don’t want these in your garden. Some video of this caterpillar – 2013 0715 Tomato hornworm VIDEO1 […]

7/6/13 – 7/10/13

7/10/13 The boardwalk at Shea Stadium is all set for the All Star Game at CitiField… NYPD searching for someone tonight … it’s 1030PM, do u know where your kids are ???? All’s I know is I didn’t do it … I spotted our mainframe tape librarian, PB […]