10/15/10 – 10/23/10

10/23/10 Here are pics from Frank’s big 18th birthday party bash. Frank turns 18 – October 2010 10/22/10 EP starts our day with a wonderful look at our world through microphotography. 10/21/10 Congratulations to JjLJr. If he passes the background check and drug test, he’s got himself a […]

10/10/10 – 10/14/10

10/14/10 No matter where you stand on the subject, or any subject for that matter, where do these 2 hags get off walking of the stage of their own TV discussion show, when they hear an opinion they don’t agree with, coming from someone THEY FUCKING INVITED onto […]

10/1/10 – 10/9/10

10/9/10 My latest Pez, Uncle Sam from the 1970’s. This was the second half of the gift bought by the family. Thanks guys, it’s great. Also, quite interesting that it came from Haifa, Israel. 10/8/10 Work started on our new lobby. It’s getting modernized. Tyson definitely has become […]

9/27/10 – 9/30/10

9/30/10 Even Barry is throwing his cronies under the bus now … Read Is Obama blaming Pelosi ? by Joseph Farah … ain’t this fun. tick, tick, tick – best order some moving boxes Wonder has a new bread out, calling it chunky white…  

9/19/10 – 9/26/10

9/26/10 We had lunch with an old friend, from the Republic days, the other day. It was good to see TC. He’s doing well for himself. Keep in touch my friend. 9/25/10 From ScoobyFitz, an example of why men should not write advice columns. Walking through Times Square, […]

9/12/10 – 9/18/10

9/18/10 Happy Birthday to my son Jack Jr. Jack turns 26 today, and continues to excel at being a fine young man. Confident, intelligent, wise and caring, Jack has a lot to offer. I am sure we can put that to good use. We love you, and hope […]

9/1/10 – 9/11/10

9/11/10 We had a nice view of the WTC Tribute in Lights as it lined up with the moon tonight. Never Forget. God Bless America Happy Birthday to ShR Well, it’s the 9th anniversary of 9/11, and I gotta tell you, it hasn’t gotten any better after all […]

8/28/10 – 8/31/10

8/30/10 Sad news to report for my RNB/HSBC/CSC/ALLTEL/SYSTEMATICS friends. Joe Lastella passed away today. As I get information, I will make it available. Here’s the New Years card we received this year. This is how I will remember Joe, smiling and surrounded by his family and friends. … […]

8/20/10 – 8/27/10

8/27/10 Here’s my boy FjL, on his way to college. He hitched a ride with me today It was nice to see my friend Johnny 5 today. He stopped by and we had one of our usual Friday lunches at the Chinese place. I spotted Scooby on the […]

8/15/10 – 8/19/10

8/19/10 Droid has arrived !!! I’m impressed with the quick setup and internet speed. Web pages load quick and the machine seems pretty responsive so far. Only gripe is in moving my calendar and notes over. Not pretty. Not done. It has to be done anyway, as I […]

8/11/10 – 8/14/10

8/14/10 We had a great time at my cousins today. Most made it to the Leone Family BBQ. I’ll have all the pics up tomorrow, but for now, here’s the group photo of everyone who made it. 8/12/10 Please listen to this old marine, who reminds us all […]

8/6/10 – 8/10/10

8/10/10 I grabbed these videos, and article off the net. A little treat from East Harlem, NYC. The lifting of the giglio (statue) at the Italian Feast of Saint Anthony. I remember going to this feast as a kid, and watching this video brought back many fond memories. […]

8/1/10 – 8/5/10

8/5/10 Happy Birthday to my nephew, Noodles (AL). He turns 19 today, and is a hardworking, handsome young man. Enjoy your day today, we love you !!! 8/4/10 How about that A-Rod, he did it. 600 career home runs, 3 years to the day he hit 500. Congratulations […]

7/28/10 – 7/31/10

7/31/10 Congratulations to me, as I reach 31 years at the bank. Boy have things and I changed in all that time. I am quite proud of the organization we have, and have fond memories of the years. 7/30/10 I have this beautiful set of PEZ porcelain hinged […]

7/20/10 – 7/27/10

7/27/10 We enjoyed dinner at Cafe Al Dente, in Oyster Bay. While there we also got to see their weekly Oyster Bay Car Show. There were hundreds of great vintage cars and bikes. Oyster Bay Car Show – July 2010 We met old friend PM, who owns Cafe […]

7/15/10 – 7/19/10

7/19/10 File this under the heading of irony – that EMT who ignored the dying woman, was shot and killed – Bad Kharma comes around … just ask Edmund Safra 7/17/10 Happy Birthday to my cousin, LF. Enjoy your special day, I love you !!! To celebrate KM […]

7/7/10 – 7/14/10

7/14/10 Our nephew, VA turns 30 today. A fine young man he be. Congrats and Happy Birthday !!! Our dear friend and colleague, JpL is recovering from Surgery. We pray for a quick recovery. Got my newest PEZ today – Chuck E Cheese 7/12/10 TR asks the question […]

7/1/10 – 7/6/10

7/6/10 TR sends in this great article by Chuck Green – Obama is a victim of Bush’s failed promises It’s always comforting to hear that southern style hospitality and caring. Especially from our air traffic controllers. Enjoy this recent exchange with two planes. 7/5/10 Congratulations to KM on […]

6/23/10 – 6/30/10

6/30/10 Our intrepid explorer, ScoobyFitz and his production team completed the video of their latest Iceland adventure. Iceland Adventure. Here’s another good article elaborating on McChrystal’s brilliance – you see, Generals don’t make mistakes ! I never made it down in time to get my own pics, but […]

6/14/10 – 6/22/10

6/22/10 Hey guys, thanks for all your efforts in decommissioning all that hardware. We appreciate all your time coordinating the demise and physical removal of the equipment. It’s too bad that Gen. Stanley McChrystal didn’t speak out 2 years ago when Dubya was President. Had he then, instead […]

6/6/10 – 6/13/10

6/13/10 Information out of Kuwait that Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahri Hiding in Sabzevar, Iran. OK Barry, go get ’em. And then there’s this article from 2004 out of a Kenyan newspaper in 2004, as Barry the usurper was running for Senate. It calls our Barry, Kenyan-born….. Here’s […]

6/1/10 – 6/5/10

6/5/10 Frankie J graduated Holy Cross High School today. Where has the time gone ? I can recall the day he started like it was yesterday. Look at this photo showing the difference. Time surely does go by fast. Our baby has just finished high school. You are […]

5/18/10 – 5/31/10

5/31/10 On this Memorial Day, we give our thanks and honor to men like this. They served our country bravely and courageously. God Bless America. 5/30/10 We had a great time at the annual College Point Memorial Day parade – May 2010 We attended Kim’s Graduation Party last […]

5/9/10 – 5/17/10

5/17/10 I can always tell the commute home is going to be bad when I see firemen exiting the station as I am coming in. Always amazes me the people that end up on the reality court TV shows. Look who made it to Judge Joe Brown. We […]

5/1/10 – 5/8/10

5/8/10 I came across this pic of our landmark Knox building from 1916. Look how both 40th and 5th avenue were both 2 way, and the darn horses. We have a couple of achievements to recognize. NM just reached his 5 year anniversary with us. Our Chief Engineer, […]

4/26/10 – 4/30/10

4/30/09 Wanna drive yourself nucking futs real fast ??? Play this silly game with a ball and string. Thanks to DF for this madness. Hey, SR, what the heck happened to your Phillies ? 4/27/10 THIS JUST IN !!! Here’s a before and after shot of my bro, […]

4/11/10 – 4/25/10

4/25/10 DF provides us with a simple mans explanation for understanding derivatives. Why do I collect PEZ ? Because they could be worth $255,000. A little out of my league for now. 4/24/10 Here’s a nice sunset photo of the Whitestone Bridge – April 2010 Walking thru Target […]

4/1/10 – 4/10/10

4/10/10 Our Man about town, CH provides us this article about a Chinese woman growing devil horns… And he’s not only merely dead, he’s really most sincerely dead. That’s right, the munchkin coroner who pronounced the witch dead after getting hit by a house in the Wizard of […]

3/27/10 – 3/31/10

3/31/10 From TR, one simple carpenter – ♥ Happy Easter ♥ 3/29/10 Our Easy Rider, LF shined up the hog for a weekend run. And his boy, JF was psyched for the ride. Born to be wild !!! Unfortunately, JF met up with a bunch of wild diaper […]

3/17/10 – 3/26/10

3/26/10 Barry, our Socialist President just got big support from a country he wants us to emulate. Fidel Castro thinks ObamaCare is good for America. So that’s it, it’s settled. It really is a good thing after all. I feel so much better now, don’t you ? Impeach […]