9/14/12 – 9/18/12

9/18/12 Happy Birthday to my son Jack. He turns 28 today. We are very proud of you and love you very much. Enjoy your day today… To capture the whirlwind of fun over the past couple of days, here’s a recap – Jack Jr turns 28 – breaks […]

9/8/12 – 9/13/12

9/13/12 I visited the NJDC today, and took these Freedom Tower pics from 6th Ave and Jersey City. Passed by these cool vintage cars on 39th street. Nice tile mosaic at the Newport-Pavonia PATH station The WTC tribute lights from 9/11 as seen from our yard. Happy Birthday […]

9/1/12 – 9/7/12

9/7/12 OK, now I’ve had it. I tried to allow the spider to ‘grow’ and become one with us and nature. But he went too far. He built his web across my walkway. I’m convinced he has been working on catching larger prey and I think he’s been […]

8/27/12 – 8/31/12

8/31/12 That was one mighty old tree we lost down Whitestone Park. But Ro managed to score herself a piece. That’s right. I heart my honey … From when I had hair and actually had someone cut it, I used to go to Mary’s Hair Salon…. but now […]

8/22/12 – 8/26/12

8/26/12 It’s a birthday weekend. A couple more Happy Birthday shout outs to my beautiful sister-in-law, SL and my beautiful future niece NG. With the next blue moon approaching, getting this fortune in a cookie can be a sign … look out is all I got to say […]

8/16/12 – 8/21/12

8/21/12 It’s gonna be a boy.. my brother was right… God Bless Joe & Kim. We are very proud Grandparents-to-be of a grandson, who will continue the Leone name. I love you son. Here’s a great pic of my boss, JB and his beautiful bride DB. So the […]

8/6/12 – 8/15/12

8/15/12 Our grandchild is growing, and napping …. 8/11/12 Some good wind down the park today. Kept me busy for a while with my frisbee … Just got the mail and the brand new album out of Georgia by Lullwater. Thanks guys, playing it now… I do love […]

8/1/12 – 8/5/12

8/5/12 Happy Birthday shout out to Noodles, who turns 21, (holy shite !!!) and my best bro-in-law BA. Love you both. Noodles, go slow young man …. AJ was Christened today at St. Mel’s. Very nice ceremony and celebration. AJ’s Christening – August 2012 With all the new […]

7/27/12 – 7/31/12

7/31/12 Happy Anniversary to me. Today marks 33 years for me at the bank. Damn that’s a long time … Thanks to CBRE for marking up the side of the tower for me. Wherever Ro goes, there’s a camera. We ended up on the 5 O’clock news last […]

7/22/12 – 7/26/12

7/26/12 The Elusive Sail Capri flew by the coop today. He’s working on opening a few branches for BankUnited. Sure is good to see him. Will set that lunch up with MG when I get back to work… We had some wild weather tonite, look at this sky […]

7/18/12 – 7/21/12

7/21/12 Check this out. While at the shore, Ro spotted an eagle fishing off the beach. I snapped a few pics and ended up with these amazing images. Look at the look on the fish … amazing … Here are a few pics from our weekend at the […]

7/13/12 – 7/17/12

7/17/12 Happy Birthday shout out to my cousin, LF. Enjoy your day today. I Love You !!! We came home from our weekend away to a beautiful new butterfly. This one didn’t stay long when we opened the top, and was quick to fly away. Checkout these pics […]

7/6/12 – 7/12/12

7/12/12 Friends Reunite over Dinner, an enjoyable evening at Cafe Al Dente with BE, LG and PM… And such a beautiful voice as LG sang for the restaurant… Hangin’ in the hood … working out a fair deal for the product … FUCK mitsubishi … take that back […]

7/1/12 – 7/5/12

7/5/12 File this under live and learn. I was obsessed with catching a butterfly emerge. So, I setup a video camera and began recording. What I captured was something unexpected. The cardinal shows up, and gets the cocoon and one of the large caterpillars. Sorry guys …  2012.0705 […]

6/28/12 – 6/30/12

6/30/12 Checkout this awesome painting of Jimi Hendrix. Like any good band, there are the groupies. There were fine looking groupies out for the ToC gig posing with the band members … Bongo Billy was warming up with his new Hang Loose lighter … If you’re a fan […]

6/23/12 – 6/27/12

6/27/12 We’ve got bats in the Point. Frank and his friends came across this bat and 2 pups on the sidewalk. Naturally, we rescued them, cared for them and turned the over to the city to be cared for. Saving bats in College Point – June 2012 A […]

6/17/12 – 6/22/12

6/22/12 Well, it was supposed to be today, but it ain’t gonna be, but that’s OK, there will be another opportunity to finish things. We love you no matter what !!! Our caterpillars are doing good. We lost an entire large fennel bush, that just totally wilted. That […]

6/11/12 – 6/16/12

6/16/12 Call it a very good day. Came home to 3 hot new ladies to add to my Pez collection.. the gurls from Strawberry Shortcake. We caught one of our favorite new bands the other night. It was nice to see Jon and the group. Skyfactor plays The […]

6/5/12 – 6/10/12

6/10/12 We passed through the St. Lukes Fair again, and came across AJ, the band and more friends and family … JjLJr came home from work in a pensive mood. Damn he’s handsome. Here’s one of our bluejays. They love peanuts… We have an early crop of caterpillars. […]

6/1/12 – 6/4/12

6/4/12 There are fewer than seven months until election day. The person elected will be the President of all Americans, not just the Democrats or the Republicans. It’s time we come together, Democrats and Republicans alike, in a bi-partisan effort for America. If you support Mitt Romney, please […]

5/21/12 – 5/26/12

5/26/12 These backyard shots will make my favorites page on the next updates. Tricked Out Country played at 78 Below last night. As usual, they don’t disappoint you with their awesome sound. Thanks guys, and see you there again on the 28th. Tricked Out Country at 78 Below […]

5/14/12 – 5/20/12

5/20/12 A kool patriotic image, just in time for Memorial Day… God Bless America My honey was the hottest chick at Orchard Beach … Checkout Execution Rock Lighthouse as seen from Orchard Beach. here’s a bunch of better pics on Flickr. We thought this guy was just chilling […]

5/8/12 – 5/13/12

5/13/12 Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers, and the many mothers with buns in the ovens…. Here’s my favorite 3 moms…. I love you guys … Enjoy Happy Birthday To ScoobyFitz. Enjoy your day mate … Up the Ra !!! A few sweet out and about pics. […]

5/1/12 – 5/7/12

5/7/12 I never knew it, the Yip likes the Jack… so, I got a new Jack pic for ya…. Yip Yip Yip Yip … Pretty cool moon from the other night 5/6/12 It’s always good to see SaY, and here we came across DjC, and CC Here are […]

4/26/12 – 4/30/12

4/30/12 There’s a lot of PDA (public display of affection) these days. And it ain’t just the humans. I caught these two randy flies in the yard doing the nasty on my pool cover …. This may qualify as my first publicly posted porn shot …. It’s official, […]

4/21/12 – 4/25/12

4/25/12 With all the time it takes to fly across the pond, can they manage to tell our visitors to stay to the right when they walk down the streets Thanks Alan – That’s my niece, tying the game … way to go SrA Chargers Upset Second Seed […]

4/4/12 – 4/10/12

4/10/12 I spotted this red tail hawk soaring down at Chisolm Park. It had to have been a 7 foot wingspan. Awesome. 4/9/12 They’re rebuilding the kiddie park section of Whitestone Park. A center piece of the new area will be one of the old trees. There will […]

4/1/12 – 4/3/12

4/3/12 My beautiful bride turns 50 today. You prove everyday that you are only as old as you feel or act… Have a great birthday — Happy 50th Birthday to a wonderful wife, loving mother and best friend. I Love You – xoxox … Enjoy your day today […]