6/26/13 – 6/30/13

6/30/13 They might be brothers, but they don’t like sharing already … 2013 0630 Butterfly Brothers Woke up to two more butterflies this morning. And I woke up early hoping to catch the emergence on video… oh well, maybe next time. 2013 0630 2 Butterflies in the morning […]

6/21/13 – 6/25/13

6/25/13 We all thought that CR was on his core time out. Seems like he snuck down to Miami to celebrate the Heat victory…. and I got the pics to prove it … I don’t know what the big fuss is all about. But Nik Wallenda isn’t the […]

6/16/13 – 6/20/13

6/20/13 There was the Elusive Sail Capri hanging out at the perch, seeing if any of the boys would show up. It’s been a while, but he’s back around. Spends his days building branches, and his weekends jumping out of airplanes from 14,000 feet… Got me a new […]

6/11/13 – 6/15/13

6/14/13 Jack and the General. I met and shook hands with General John F. Campbell, and thanked him for his service. He is the US Army vice chief of staff. The second highest ranking officer in our Army. He was at Bryant Park for a Flag Day and […]

6/4/13 – 6/10/13

6/10/13 Here’s more pics from the carnival. Saint Luke’s Carnival – June 2013 6/9/13 The Big Dip tried all night to push that $100 bill over the edge. The owner told us they had a winner ‘once’, and they are in business for 60 years … Even RichieD […]

6/1/13 – 6/3/13

6/3/13 Happy Birthday to my brudder, NL. Enjoy your day. I love you man … We got baby caterpillars. The eggs hatched, and we got some babies to care for. Checkout these pics Even one of the caterpillar in the egg. Look how nice Ro looks when she’s […]

5/25/13 – 5/31/13

5/31/13 Little by little our reconfiguration work is coming along on 1w10. All this work, and keeping the floor live is the trick. Our friends from Occupy Wall Street were back, and spent some time out front. They put on a nice show, though I did miss the […]


5/24/13 JaJo gave everyone a scare today. Put something in his mouth that his mother didn’t give him. We had him checked out to be on the safe side, all is good, and a lesson learned. The new parents reacted quite well. Proud of you guys. Got a […]

5/13/13 – 5/23/13

5/23/13 I’m telling you, with the stupid, petty shit I got going on, it was a treat to see that little square box on the coffee table. It meant new Pez…. Checkout a revised Cinderella, and a thing called Squishy from Monsters University … 5/22/13 Saw a wild […]

5/6/13 – 5/12/13

5/12/13 Happy Mothers Day to my mom, grandmother, and beautiful wife. Stopped over to see Zelda, and give her a big hug. 5/9/13 My friend and colleague, CC marks 25 years of service to the bank today. Congratulations and be proud of all you have accomplished over this […]

5/1/13 – 5/5/13

5/5/13 Happy Birthday to my friend, the Gimp – TH is getting older every day now !!! 5/4/13 May the 4th be with you … 😉 5/3/13 Had a very nice lunch with my old friend TC, and BA, a new friend. Me an TC go way back, […]

4/28/13 – 4/30/13

4/30/13 There’s the great-grandparents with JaJo. My mom and dad stopped over for some cheek squeezing Here’s a tip, don’t try to scalp tickets on 5th avenue … or expect to be taken down hard by the NYPD… Like most companies, ours is doing it’s part to save […]

4/21/13 – 4/27/13

4/27/13 It’s always fun and a good day, when the postman delivers me some new Pez. Got new Monsters University and Super Mario Brothers… JaJo made his first voluntary visit to the police precinct to see his old man… 4/26/13 I leave you tonite with these pics of […]

4/16/13 – 4/20/13

4/20/13 Happy 420 everyone. Don’t worry … be Happy 😉 JaJo does NOT like being dressed like Freddy Krueger, and he shows it by flipping the bird to his folks for the first time … Get used to it kid, it’s gonna happen a lot … 😉 485 […]

4/11/13 – 4/15/13

4/15/13 Philip’s cousin Pierre was chilling in the yard today. Dodging more than a few cats to boot. Took this interesting pic from Home Depot as a plane was landing at LaGuardia Caught a bunch of extras for the movie The Birds hanging out between movies. We got […]

4/4/13 – 4/10/13

4/10/13 Good food and company at Cafe Al Dente with our cousins LF and LmG. Love you guys… Things are coming together at work, and it was good to see the entire project management team together for a planning session. Thanks guys, and it’s always good seeing old […]

4/1/13 – 4/3/13

4/3/13 Happy Birthday to my honey. I couldn’t settle on just one photo, so I created these 4 to celebrate her special day. Each captures a special Rosanne. Have a great birthday and enjoy your day. I Love You !!! xoxox Hey, look who I spotted in the […]

3/28/13 – 3/31/13

3/31/13 Hoppy Easter to everyone. Hope your day is peaceful and happy. We spent time with JaJo yesterday – JaJo’s First Easter – March 2013 3/30/13 We did the Easter cemetery roll yesterday, and covered 2 cemeteries, and 17 dead relatives. Everyone is doing well, and we thank […]

3/24/13 – 3/27/13

3/27/13 FjL had Lasik eye surgery today to help him ready for the FDNY physical. Thank you to Dr. Dello Russo for a fine experience. I got more pics, and some sick video, so stay tuned… 3/26/13 Here’s a great pic of JaJo chilling in his carrier…. What […]

3/21/13 – 3/23/13

3/23/13 Here’s all the pics from the major milestone we accomplished this weekend. This allows us to free up space to receive new equipment required for the future direction of the business. Exciting work, and always reflective when we take out hardware that served us well for so […]

3/18/13 – 3/20/13

3/20/13 30 years ago today, I married Rosanne Albanese. It was a move up for this skinny kid from College Point, and I have been thankful ever since. I married a beautiful, loving, caring woman. A woman who is vivacious and comfortable in her skin. Funny, sexy, intelligent, […]

3/11/13 – 3/17/13

3/17/13 JaJo go Bragh … 😉 — Happy St. Paddy’s !!! Happy St. Patrick’s day … The Scooby view… I’ve got a few other new cover pages all created and ready to post. Images from Riverhead of the gulls, and butterflies… Checkout this slick pic of a seagull […]

3/6/13 – 3/10/13

3/10/13 We got to see JaJo yesterday after a week or so. The boy is growing and loves being around his grandma… Here’s a cool pic from the park. You don’t see many Purple Heart Combat Wounded Veteran license plates around. I think they deserve a car that’s […]

3/1/13 – 3/5/13

3/5/13 RC reached an amazing milestone at work. 40 years of service. Very few people mark this kind of time, and with ‘Dodger’, we can say he built the place. He’s wired every desk, and computer since then, and as noted, some of his original wiring is still […]

2/26/13 – 2/28/13

2/28/13 A bunch of the old team regrouped for a nice lunch. It’s good to see these boys from time to time. We had ET, ShR, TN, NM, CC, SaY and me. GG was invited but never showed up … And it was a special treat since it […]

2/21/13 – 2/25/13

2/25/13 My beautiful great-niece, JmG turns Sweet 16 today …. Happy Birthday to you, enjoy your special day !!! 😉 2/24/13 Philip, looking over his world … In College Point, even our trees are wired for the internet In the Point, our trees are so old, they grew […]

2/16/13 – 2/20/13

2/20/13 We’ve got a fresh JaJo sighting, and chilling with his momma and old man … PO JaL got hisself some new ink… JaJo feets and some other funky symbol … 2/19/13 a Happy Birthday shout out to a pretty good bloke I know … JB turns another […]

2/10/13 – 2/15/13

2/15/13 Well, I know what I’m doing today. Got the new Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog …. see you all later … 😉 And what a doubly special day today is, between the catalog and brand new Red Nose Day Pez who’s better than me ? My belated Valentines […]

2/6/13 – 2/9/13

2/9/13 We got about a foot of snow, drifts weren’t bad. Our Long Island and Conn. friends were hit harder. Either way, got to use my snowblower, and did a ton of work. Did the sidewalk for our block, and helped my old man with his house… Blizzard […]

2/1/13 – 2/5/13

Some new pics of JaJo, with his Grandpa Alan, and Uncle Jack … 2/4/13 Torturing JaJo. It really must begin early in life, to fully develop a Leone male…. they think he was getting upset, I say he wanted more !!! 2013.0202 Torturing JaJo 2/3/13 JaJo is a […]