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12/1/15 – 12/5/15

12/5/15 Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, AtA. Love you, enjoy your day. I’ve known BF for over 3 decades. We’ve been business partners for all that time, as he worked to keep our data center floors and cabinets clean and free of dust and dirt. During that […]

I got an email from my cousin today

He coaches his son’s flag football team, and they just won the flag football division championship. They head to the Superbowl next. ML is also submitting the following article to the local newspaper. Colts and Monsters faced off in another epic battle, this time for the Saturday Division […]

Never fight with the wife

I was going through some old archived security video from my house, and came across this. My wife was angry one day, it doesn’t happen often that she gets angry with me. Well on this particular day, she was particularly angrier than usual, and well here it was […]

Pella self-closing screen demo

We’re having problems with our Pella Rolscreen door. The screen is damaged and needs replacement. I was poking around and found this video of a demo of the other type they have, which is a self-closing screen, it doesn’t roll up and out of sight. Glad Isaw this […]

Happy 22nd Birthday Joe

Joe, Our middle son turns 22 today. We wish you a very happy birthday son, and wish you all the best as you continue your drive to join the NYPD. Things will work themselves out, just have patience. We love you very much, and are VERY PROUD of […]