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2/16/15 – 2/20/15

2/20/15 Happy Birthday shout out to my beautiful niece, CS, Enjoy your day … 2/19/15 I wonder things from time to time. I wonder if it’s an easy transition to go from beheadings, burning people alive in cages, raping women and children to having to accept that offer […]

2/11/15 – 2/15/15

2/15/15 All the way from Hong Kong, on their world tour, it’s AF, MJ, CC and ShR … This just in Probie FjL is out and about in the city, and stopped by the perch to leave his mark with his lady BmC I missed the big launch […]

2/6/15 – 2/10/15

2/10/15 I love my new little childrens … You know you got a good education if you received your degree from Leone University … Have you yours ? Remedial courses being offered now … Anyone know anyone who still has these mounted in their floor comm closets ? […]

2/1/15 – 2/5/15

2/5/15 Today’s TBT pic – our Probie FjL, preparing for this moment. So very proud of you son !!! Have a safe tour … Realizing a Dream 2/3/15 Our Special Angel, OnA celebrates 11 months with one huge smile. We love you little girl …. 2/2/15 I think […]

1/26/15 – 1/31/15

1/31/15 While Probie FjL was snuggled all warm in his own bed, they boys were out battling  a huge fire in Brooklyn. This is one of my favorite homes in College Point. Lots of character. TBT on a Saturday … The ADL boat trip from 2000. That’s right […]

1/21/15 – 1/25/15

1/25/15 I didn’t create it, I just post it if it’s funny. And this is, really. From the Big Guy down Tampa Way. Cute kids … Congrats to my brudder and his family. Meet the newest Leone, Cody … 1/24/15 MW31 has begun. We are live at 3 […]

1/16/15 – 1/20/15

1/20/15 Be careful with this advice, it could backfire and you wind up in deep shit with the popo, especially if you ‘scare’ someone … Better check your pants, your balls must be in someone’s handbag … 1/19/15 At least I got me birds and squirrels … Checkout […]

1/11/15 – 1/15/15

1/15/15 And this was a great shot, got both the male and female cardinals together… Some of my latest bird pics from the yard…. 1/14/15 We had a nice luncheon for my good friend and colleague Boom Boom, celebrating his 30 year milestone at the Bank. Congratulations my […]

1/6/15 – 1/10/15

1/10/15 We replaced our Ecosphere. Got 4 brand new shrimp all set to live in their closed environment. Real cool, Until the last one dropped and broke, we had it for 10 years. Caught this great looking robin red breast on our tree today… It’s been a Pez-a-licious […]

12/26/14 – 12/31/14

12/31/14 Have a Happy & Healthy New Year everyone. 2014 sucked for me, with the exception of a few highlights of life. I hope and pray for a better 2015 for our family. I WILL be waiting for my new PBA card …. it has come in handy […]

12/21/14 – 12/25/14

12/24/14 Missing you guys, VA, NA and OnA. Give OnA a big hug and kiss There’s a lot of theories about how the fat jolly guy does what he does in a single night. I’ve spent some time looking into it … here’s my report … WARNING, not […]

12/11/14 – 12/15/14

12/15/14 Posted by NYCALerts, Probie FjL working on the BQE.  2014 1215 Probie FjL at work on the BQE 12/14/14 Saturday ended a Peztastic week. Newest additions to the Pez collection Pez Frozen – Elsa, Olaf and Anna Someone’s gonna like their special Christmas gift … It was […]

12/6/14 – 12/10/14

12/10/14 Meet the newest members of the Pez Collection. We’ve got the Madagascar Penguins, Kowalski, Private, Skipper and Rico. Welcome to the family boys… 12/9/14 Checkout the stamps used for that German Pez Bulldog. Deutschland, Deutschland – Brooklyn Bridge stamps … Meet the newest member of the Pez […]

12/1/14 – 12/5/14

12/5/14 Happy Birthday to my sister, AtA. Enjoy your day, I love you !!! 12/3/14 Happy Birthday to my favorite nephew, FvL reaches that magical age of 11… Have a great day kid… My beautiful niece, SrA. Love you…. Patience the lion is all ready for Christmas in […]

11/26/14 – 11/30/14

11/30/14 Today’s visitor. A blue jay, I like these birds. These guys don’t stay long … The 2 newest editions to the Pez collection. HEB Supermarket from Texas came out with 2 new haulers. 11/29/14 Well, that was stupid… My newest cover page, compiled from the various critters […]

11/21/14 – 11/25/14

11/25/14 Our Special Angel, OnA looks very pretty in her earrings … Probie FjL is at work, no one’s home, I come in and spotted this dude on the couch … smh … 11/24/14 I paid a little extra, but I got CH and the Otis boys to […]

11/16/14 – 11/20/14

11/20/14 TBT for today. That was then and now he’s a NYC firefighter… Time passes so quickly … 11/19/14 A short video compilation from the graduation. 2014 1118 Frank FDNY Graduation 11/18/14 To say we are proud would be an understatement. Our youngest son, FjL is now a […]

11/11/14 – 11/15/14

11/15/14 We’ve had a few visitors these past few days. Word is getting out, now I have 2 squirrels taking the nuts from my hand. Found another nest of those damn parrots on 13th avenue. Spotted this vintage car round the ‘hood. 11/13/14 Thanks to Probie FjL, we […]

11/6/14 – 11/10/14

11/10/14 Rowdy was over, eating out of my hand, and he’s getting nice and fat for winter. Some good bird pics from the yard today. 11/8/14 Things are picking up speed at NJ2, we got the core network cabling started and cameras being installed… Dug this camera out […]

11/1/14 – 11/5/14

11/5/14 Meet the 2 newest additions to the Pez collection. Target Dog Santa and Target mini-elf dog. Pretty cool pair of dawgs … As we get ready to shutdown 2 floors, I gotta empty my office. No one gets an office any longer, and I have no idea […]

10/26/14 – 10/31/14

10/31/14 My bitch is one scary witch … The kids krew all stopped over, looking nice in their costumes… Happy Halloween boys and girls … be safe and have a Pezzy day !!! My kids krew on the block will be getting more Pez for Halloween … Today’s […]

10/21/14 – 10/25/14

10/25/14 Tons of visitors in the yard today. And we live in Queens … 10/24/14 Here are pics from this years A Leg to Stand On – ALTSO Rocktoberfest Benefit – October 2014 These are also available on Flickr – 2014 1022 ALTSO Rocktoberfest A video compilation from […]

10/16/14 – 10/20/14

10/20/14 Probie FjL turns 22 today. Our baby is 22 years old. Unbelievable. He’s become a fine young man, and is thisclose to graduating the FDNY Academy, and ready to become one of New York’s Bravest. We are so proud of you son. We love you !!! Have […]

10/11/14 – 10/15/14

10/14/14 Spent some time with our Special Angel, OnA. She’s absolutely beautiful, and her mom did a great job with a special Halloween pic … (I’ve got competition…) 10/13/14 Meet the newest member to the Pez collection. The Toy Story Terror Cat. Probie FjL is out a house […]

10/6/14 – 10/10/14

10/10/14 My newest edition to the collection. 1978 softhead Batgirl, with no feet. Thanks to my sons for the gift… Had a very nice lunch with a longtime friend and colleague BF . BF has been doing work for us for decades, and we try to get together […]

10/1/14 – 10/5/14

10/5/14 The family visited Pops for his birthday. Happy Birthday to my dad. Enjoy your day. I Love you !!! Took a walk through Chisolm’s Park, spotted a bunch of initials on trees, but these caught my eye, from 1946, 1967 and 1971 and 1994 … For the […]

9/26/14 – 9/30/14

9/30/14 Had a nice lunch with the Floor Mgmt team to celebrate EP’s 20th anniversary, and KjW joining the bank. We have CR, JL, EP, EF, VC and KjW. Yes, I had my veal dish … what else was I going to eat ??? Work begins on a […]

9/21/14 – 9/25/14

9/25/14 I spotted our admin hanging by the perch. MR is doing  a great job for us, and keeps us well organized, and all of our invoices up to date. And to boot, she tolerates the boys pretty good. After all with the likes of Scooby, JJ , […]