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Interesting design on this Volkswagen …

During today’s snowstorm, I stopped over to visit HjL, and spotted this VW parked outside, with a very interesting iron cross design on it’s hood left by the snow … Those sneaky bastards at Volkswagen. Wasn’t there something about the hubcaps creating an optical illusion while spinning ???

My Zelda’s tattoo 😎🤙

Little known secret. My Zelda has a tattoo. From her stint in the Sicilian army. Another story for another time. Anywho, with all the girls getting tattoos these days, and now that I have a granddaughter,  I thought I’d share a pic of hers, so the ladies in my […]

Scenes from APEC …

I did my usual walk through APEC, and then ventured off into the further eastern section, just east of the bridge. There’s a small sign, and steps, and if you take them, there’s an entire section to APEC that’s fun to explore. Even found 2 of the 3 […]

Having fun with HjL ♥♥♥

It’s always great having some fun with HjL. She loves jumping, playing with the mirror, and hanging out with her Nana ♥♥♥ – And when I’m not around, I’m loving the technology that lets us video call a check in. Oh, and she rocks in a JM hat. […]

The hawk killed the vibe …

The hawk killed the vibe. I’m sitting out in the yard, playing with me critters. The birds are all singing, having a good old time, with the squirrels. Everyone’s enjoying me nutz. Then, it all goes silent, and they all scatter. Looking around, I spot the hawk that’sbeen […]