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Smell gas ??? – call Ro !!!

Smell gas ??? – call Ro !!! – coming back from visiting my folks, we smelled gas on the avenue. They’ve been doing upgrades, but there should be no smell today. Ro called 911, within 5 minutes we had E297/L130 respond, and then Con Ed with a mini-cat, […]

Offensive SNHU commercial …

Has anyone else seen this recent SNHU commercial on TV. The lines “The world equally distributes talent—but it doesn’t equally distribute opportunity…” Does SNHU realize that is the exact OPPOSITE of what America stands for ? America IS equal opportunity. It is IMPOSSIBLE to expect equal talent. OFFENSIVE. […]

I buy a lot of peanuts …

I buy a lot of peanuts for me critters. I used to go to Keyfood for the 5lb bags of roasted peanuts, 10lbs a week for me squirrels. Then I was picking up 40 pounds of bird seed for the feathered aminals. The residue left was making a […]