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Remembering Scooby …

Remembering Scooby … I dont believe it’s been 4 years. I just don’t. I miss ya Scooby, my brother. A great father, grandfather and friend … Here’s a few vintage Scooby shots to bring some of the memories back. . #ItsAllGood , KilleryForPrison , #TrumpTrain, #NeverKriminalKilleryKlinton #QSentMe #wwg1wga […]

Queens Zoo with our HjL ♥♥♥

We had a wonderful time with our beautiful granddaughter at the Queens Zoo with our HjL ♥♥♥ – There’s nothing easier than taking pics of me aminals when they can’t run too far away from you and hide … Pics also available at The Musings – Queens Zoo […]

Scenes from Oakland Lake & beyond …

Scenes from Oakland Lake, the yard & beyond. We got all sorts of nature happening. The swans are still sitting on their eggs, the robin is on her eggs, great egrets flying overhead. I spotted the black & white, and yellow warblers. Ducks, and gulls galore. Grackles and […]