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9/21/15 – 9/25/15

9/25/15 Our day has come. Today is National White Male Heterosexual Day. If you spot one, be sure and thank them for their contribution to society, and the willingness to be the subject of your scorn and the blame for the ills of society. They work hard, pay […]

9/16/15 – 9/20/15

9/20/15 Aloha… Happy Anniversary brother… Any questions ??? Word got out it was my birthday, and I was serenaded by a few of the kids on the block. Thanks guys !!! Randy was over to wish me a happy birthday … And the blue jay stopped over, but […]

9/11/15 – 9/15/15

9/15/15 Tired of birds, how about cats and flowers from the RetWACs yard, some of these cats are mangy looking too … 9/14/15 Freshened up the Never Forget mural on the roof that KP painted. Hard to imagine it’s been 6 years. You can spot it on Google […]

9/6/15 – 9/10/15

9/10/15 We took a nice trip to Mystic Seaport. Enjoy the pics. One of the main attractions was the beluga whales. There’s a randy one called Juno, had tons of fun with her… 9/7/15 Happy Birthday shout out to Bongo Billy … enjoy your day my friend !!!

9/1/15 – 9/5/15

9/5/15 Great shot of the blue jay taking a peanut. Never saw the tongue before … Randy with a special treat … We had an interloper pass through again today. We see the black squirrel from time to time … This cardinal looks like it is in some […]

8/26/15 – 8/31/15

8/31/15 There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. Checkout the Series Updates now available. My Blog and Postings – Listen to me rant every day. It can be entertaining… Family and Friends photos – Family events, vacations, gatherings, and other activities My Photography and Collages […]

8/21/15 – 8/25/15

8/25/15 Caught that molting blue jay again, unless this is a different one. Now I be growing corn in me yard. Parts of the bird seeds are corn, and if they lay around, they grow … Spotted this osprey overhead hunting … 8/24/15 Things were getting out of […]

8/16/15 – 8/20/15

8/20/15 I saw that doctored photo of Killery with Osama, and did some research. Seems there’s also a pic of a meeting and exchange of words between Killery and Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first to climb Mt. Everest. If you recall, she told us that she […]

8/11/15 – 8/15/15

8/13/15 Chillaxing at JB I miss you too Chubby Muffin (CM) … 😉 Let’s offend everyone all at once and get over it! (Thanks to the Big Guy, WFP for this doozey …) 8/11/15 Beautiful sunset tonight. This was taken from Chisholm Park. The Lady shot these pics […]

8/6/15 – 8/10/15

8/10/15 Look at all the staples on this light pole on the Boulevard. There’s hardly a spot without one … You don’t see too many of these FDNY Call boxes any longer. 8/9/15 Here’s an interesting shot from the newly renovated Fort Totten jetty parking area. We have […]

8/1/15 – 8/5/15

8/5/15 Nice sunset pics from the Malba circle. Including the GWB and Whitestone bridges. 8/4/15 Happy Birthday to my favorite brother-in-law, BA. You da man … Enjoy brother… There goes vacation… From the Big Guy, WFP, down Tampa way – New English word – INEPTOCRACY. A system of […]

7/26/15 – 7/31/15

7/31/15 Today would have marked my 36th year with the bank. Since I’m retired, we have a better use for the date. Our family was blessed with our 2nd grandson being born today. DrL made his presence known shortly before noon today. Mother, baby, Daddy, and big brother […]

7/21/15 – 7/25/15

7/25/15 Me and me bride started the rock garden work, and it’s looking awesome. The new arborvitae was delivered and planted. Looks better already. 7/24/15 Me, Probie FjL, and JjLJr spent the day clearing out the entire front garden. We’re replacing it all with new stuff, and plan […]

7/16/15 – 7/20/15

7/20/15 Since I stopped working, I’ve had less time for the Musings. Bad me. I’ve kept busy painting things and fixing things I never had time for before. It’s all been collecting, so here’s my 2 week dump. These are the pies we’ve been enjoying. Strawberry and raspberry […]

7/11/15 – 7/15/15

7/15/15 Me birds and some flowering blooms … These are the latest editions to the Pez collection. Transformers Pez. We got Megatron, Optimus Prime and Bumblee Bee 7/14/15 I’ve been on this planet for nearly 58 years, and I don’t ever recall seeing one of these. Ro says […]

7/1/15 – 7/5/15

7/5/15 Spotted this guy on a light pole along airport road … Some other views from Airport road. No wiser words have been spoken. The beast needed a new battery today. 7/3/15 We made the best out of an uncomfortable situation last evening. Ended at a nice place, […]

6/26/15 – 6/30/15

6/30/15 Isn’t OnA adorable??? 6/29/15 Thank you to my team, and a few other colleagues who treated me to lunch today. I appreciate all you have done for me over the years. We have DD, RC, me, EP, JjLJr, KjW, CR and VC. It was certainly a luncheon […]

6/16/15 – 6/20/15

6/20/15 Another massacre, this time with a car. We need better, no MORE, car control. How many more senseless deaths, loss of life and limb, and forever damaged families should we continue to put up with. As a nation, we need to seriously reflect on how we can […]

6/11/15 – 6/15/15

6/15/15 Got together with a few friends, as we usually do. This time we had a few more since this may be my last gathering with the bank. Was great having everyone together, we have CC, Gimp, JjLJr, Moi, ET, Goombazza, SaY, ShR, and NM There’s me and […]

6/6/15 – 6/10/15

6/10/15 1 down, 49,999 to go…. did I mention, It’s all good, bitches !!! 😉 Pics from the game – NY Mets support FDNY & NYPD – June 2015 The boys from TL119 are headed to CitiField … We’re going to this game tonight, and our Probie FjL […]

6/1/15 – 6/5/15

6/5/15 Thank you to ChubbyMuffin for the cool CAT hat … There’s my friend AO keeping our DC all secured … Visited NJDC yesterday, and got to see the Freedom Tower again. Here are some good shots… Not a job I’d want, having to wash these windows … […]

5/21/15 – 5/25/15

5/25/15 I spotted this exhaust pattern coming from those planes. Anyone know what planes cause this pattern ? Enjoy the pics of our town parade. College Point Memorial Day Parade – May 2015 5/24/15 Got Randy climbing up my leg to get to my nuts, now if I […]

5/16/15 – 5/20/15

5/20/15 Damn weeds in the yard … 😉 5/19/15 Ro rescued a cardinal today. He ended up OK, and flew away after some TLC and food/water. Either that, or he didn’t make it, and the cats got a special treat … Either way, I got these great pics, […]

5/11/15 – 5/15/15

5/15/15 There’s an update to the Things to be Mindful Of list, it’s meant to be A primer for the youth of America       And a refresher for their parents and grandparents I’m sure you have some ideas for this list, so send them over, I’ll sort them, […]

5/6/15 – 5/10/15

5/10/15 A very Happy Mothers Day to Zelda, my mom, and to the wonderful mother who raised our children. I love you all  !!! Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers, new mothers, and expecting mothers. 5/9/15 The tri-fecta completed … We got Airport Road open again, 11th […]

5/1/15 – 5/5/15

5/5/15 As I get older, it becomes apparent that you won’t meet too many people in life who end up being special to you in some ways. That connection can happen in many different ways, and happens with all sorts of people. The world and beyond lost a […]

4/26/15 – 4/30/15

4/30/15 This guy literally ran into the side of the house and ended up on the sidewalk, while Ro was out back. It’s a Blue Headed Vireo. The birds are flying into the house to get their pics posted … Another few pics of my new friends in […]