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Reworking my Pez collection …

I wasn’t satisified with the Pez cube for all of my displayed Pez dispensers. Couldn’t really appreciate some of the Pez and other related items. I’m re-organizing things, and opened the area up so it can be ‘experienced’. Viewing tickets go on sale soon … Still a work […]

Leave my childrens alone …

Ro heard another bird bang at the door, and spotted this Cooper’s hawk looking around for food. He best leave my little childrens alone, there’s a few kittens he’s free to take. But leave my birds and squirrels be. He is beautiful though …  

Make Amerika Whole ???

Where have we heard this before. Do my RNB to CSC to HSBC friends remember the old “We’re gonna make you whole” argument ? Only one thing happens. You get FUCKED. You want to make America whole, put this Kriminal Killery Klinton in jail, impeach/convict/execute/deport our current illegal […]

A natural born citizen

A repost from 2012. This is not difficult to undertsand. 2/27/12 We keep avoiding the issue. A birth certificate doesn’t prove anything and only continues to confuse the general population. Please keep it simple. We first must settle on something I learned very early in school. A natural […]