Daily Rants

The deconstruction of a tree stump …

The deconstruction of a tree stump. As our tree stump deteriorates to the point of about to falling over, I decided to see how long we had it. Me and Ro came across this bad boy at Whitestone Park, on 11/18/2012. We stuffed it into our trunk and came home … It’s hard to believe it’s already over 11 years old. It sure has seen it’s fair share of action over the years, as all sorts of critters were making good use of it. In 2015, we even spotted Giant Ichneumons on our tree stump, and this one is a female, looking to lay her eggs into a dead tree. We had dozens of these little holes all over the stump. And every other bird, from the Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Starlings, and our squirrels enjoyed it ever since. We’ve even had it used for mating. As the squirrels continue to use it to ‘play’, it can’t be much longer before it topples over.

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