Daily Rants

LOL Mini sweets Pez dolls …

It’s getting out of hand now. Pez is now mixing in the LOL Mini Sweets into their line. So, now we have Missy Smiles and Treats Diva all decked out in their Pez swag, carrying mini Pez dispensers of themselves. HjL, the mini-me Pez collector was the first to score a Treats Diva, but she didn’t have any DUPLICATES, so she kept hers, and promised to give me any DUPLICATES she got. Well, these things ain’t easy to come by, so, Pop Pop had to go solo, and use my usual methods to score them both (it’s an OCD thing). Great new additions to the Pez Collection, and HjL approves of how I set them up for display in the museum.

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