Daily Rants

We’ve had the last 4 butterflies emerge since Tuesday …

We’ve had the last 4 butterflies emerge since Tuesday. Unfortunately, 19, the male that emerged Tuesday was not able to properly get it’s wings dried up, and ended up unable to fly. We kept it overnight, then set it out in the yard for the nature cycle to take over. It didn’t take long before a bird had a snack. On Wednesday, a beautiful female emerged, and was our 20th butterfly for the season. Once again, we had a tie of 10 females, and 10 males. Yesterday we had twins. 21 & 22 emerged, and 21 is another pretty female. 22 arrived a couple of hours later, and is her beautiful sister. Our season may be over, as we have a small amount of fennel left. I haven’t spotted any new eggs or caterpillars. Our current season totals are 22 Black Swallowtail butterflies – 12 females and 10 males , with 2 Wasps

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