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Now that’s a surprise. No butterflies, but we have wasps …

Now that’s a surprise. No butterflies, but we have wasps …
Meet Trogus Pennator,a Parasitic Ichneumon Wasp. Another first for us. We woke up to 2 of our cocoons with very odd, round holes in them this morning. And they were empty. Looking around for butterflies was a surprise, when instead, I found 2 wasps. Yes, wasps. Did some research, and it seems that this is a Parasitic Ichneumon Wasp, called Trogus Pennator. At some point while the caterpillar was outside, the wasp attacked it, and deposited it’s own egg. There’s some video I found to show what happens.This is the first time in nearly 30 years of raising black swallowtails that we had this happen.These particular wasps, actually seek out the swallowtail caterpillar to deposit their egg. Nature is intense. And this is a modest version of what some other insects do to caterpillars …

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  1. I have them in a container in the yard. Haven’t figured that part out yet. Are they pests ? don’t they deserve to live ? lol


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