Daily Rants

4 of our butterflies have emerged …

Yesterday we had 4 of the butterflies emerge from their cocoons. All 4 happened to be males, which will help spread the species a little while longer. #2 was our upside down guy, and #4 was still inside when HjL was watching it, and it snuck out the front door, and flew off. One of them even took a pic with me, and my camera. We have 3 more to go. I expect # 5 today or tomorrow, with 6,7 a few days after that. I’ve spotted a couple more caterpillars on the outdoor fennel, I may start bringing them in, to give them a better chance. For these first 4, the eggs were laid on 5/22, so it took about 29 days from egg to butterfly. We’re hoping for a few girls, so they can return next summer to our fennel. Here’s just a sampling …

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