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We rescued a Starling fledgling, and just in time …

We were driving through Malba yesterday, and parking at the Malba Jetty, when I spotted a small bird in the road. When I passed it, it scooted back to the curb, and near the sewer. I was able to snatch it, and get it back into the nest, in the hollow of the tree. I’ve seen Starlings here every year. Got it back in, and momma came back to feed. I have decent pics of at least 2 in there, and video of our rescued birdy safely back in it’s nest. I’m sure it will be out again real soon …

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  1. I also found a fledging – robin yesterday in Beechurst – didnt see a nest but a bunch of robins were feeding nearby so I just stayed apace pack to make sure no crows or other predator approached and eventually a parent came by to the baby – I think they need some parenting classes about “housing”

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  2. good work, but usually, the circle of life gets them.we had a robin, i even setup a new nest. momma came, fed a few times, and couple of days, it jumped out again. cats got it. we can try though. I look at it like it got an extra few hours or days.

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