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Is that a golf cart, or The Thing ???

We spotted this golf cart style car on the Cross Island. I recognized it as the VW Thing. Turns out it is a 1974 Volkswagen Thing Acapulco Edition. Here’s some interesting information on this piece of shit car … I did some research, and this particular vehicle sold for $35,334 . I wonder if this guy knows what he’s sitting on.

Here’s some internet information and mages.

This 1974 Volkswagen Thing Acapulco Edition is one of approximately 400 examples produced by Volkswagen Mexico for the US market in 1974. The Acapulco is distinguished from other Things by its striped soft top and upholstery, as well as the blue-painted hood, dash panel, rocker panels, and bumpers. Power comes from a 1.6-liter flat-four mated with a 4-speed manual transaxle. The car was acquired by the selling dealer in March 2018, and an additional soft top and door inserts are included in the sale. This Acapulco Edition Type 181 is being offered in Las Vegas with a clean Nevada title.

The Acapulco Edition was modeled after a number of VW Things that were customized in 1972 by The Princess Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico, in order to transport their customers and guests from the airport to their resort. Later, the Las Brisas Hotel in Acapulco commissioned pink and white versions. After visiting American tourists lobbied Volkswagen to produce the model for the US market, the company made approximately 400 Acapulco Editions between May and July of 1974.

The exterior is primarily finished in white, and the blue front and rear bumpers have been repainted on this car. An additional soft top and door inserts are also included in the sale. White Baja-style wheels are fitted with new Yokohama Geolander A/T-S tires.

The front seats have been reupholstered in the correct blue and white striped vinyl, and teak wood floor boards are fitted front and back. Acapulco Edition Type 181s came from the factory without glove box covers. The 5-digit odometer in the single VDO gauge indicates 72,900 miles, approximately 100 of which were added by the seller.

The back seat retains its factory upholstery and seat belts, though the matching cushion for the rear “child seat” over the engine cover is no longer with the car.

The 1.6L flat-four is paired with a 4-speed manual transaxle. There are no service records that accompany this vehicle, and it is unknown when the last time the engine was serviced.

The engine number AM025643 is shown stamped into the engine case above. The AM case is the correct Type 181 case for option code M157 and has holes to mount the model’s engine skid plate.

The data plate shows that chassis number 1842542863 was built at Volkswagen’s Puebla, Mexico factory, and it is in the range of chassis numbers for Acapulco Edition examples.

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