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A few moons pics and a question … 🌒

A few moons pics and a question. I enjoy seeing the moon montages people post, that show the moon as it travels in the sky from rise to set.  imageI’ve always been struck by the fact they all show the moon with the same face orientation. For instance, the Sea of Crises is always in the same position throughout the night progression, and their montage of 8-12 pics all have the same orientation. See the sample I provide from a Science Photography site here. Those aren’t the results that I get.


Here’s just 2 examples, and you can check yourself. The other night I took a pic at 10pm, and then 8am the following morning. The highlighted point moved a few degrees right.


And the other pic from the Lunar Eclipse last year, the Sea of Crises also shifts a few degrees, in a short period of time. If you know the reason for this, I’d be interested. I can’t seem to find too much about it, yet all time lapse pics show the same orientation throughout the series … 🌒

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