Daily Rants

La Casa de Papal Pez makes it to the colonies …

That neat little package from Slovenia contained the original 10 robbers from the Money Heist Pez dispenser series. These La Casa de Papal dispensers were sold as a set with a random robber in each set. My Slavic cousin, ED managed to get me a carded set of all 10. I just finished binge watching the final 5 episodes that were just released, and the ending was a neat surprise. Checkout the series on Netflix, and keep an eye on 1 Hanson Place, where something is being planned. I’ll keep these on the cards and carve out a place for displaying in the Leone Pez Museum. Each robber has their name printed on the black stem, with the Dali mask. We have Professor, Berlin, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tokio, Moscow, Denver, Nairobi, Rio, Lisbon. Welcome to the family you gang of thieves …

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