Daily Rants

38 years married – Thank You ♥♥♥

38 years ago I  was this lucky guy from the Point, who exchanged marriage vows with this hot girl from Whitestone, named Rosanne Albanese. After 40 years of beginning a new life together, and raising a wonderful, loving family, I 2005.0101.115awanted to come up with something romantic to say. There really are only two words that kept coming to me. Thank You. Thank you for taking a chance with that guy from the Point. Thank you for saying yes, to that first time I finally asked you for a date. Thank you for 2011.0529.159saying yes, when I proposed to you. Thank you for sharing your love of life, and  the bright light you brought to my family. Thank you for having a family with me, and being the kind of mother you were to our boys, who are now wonderful, loving, caring men, husbands, and fathers themselves. Thank you for seeing past the stoopid me, and seeing the real me. I’ve adored you from the moment I saw you. I adore you today. And I will adore you forever. Happy Anniversary my dear Baciglaup. I Love You – xoxo  ♥♥♥ Happy Anniversary. I Love You. Truly ♥♥♥


Truly 💞

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