Daily Rants

37 years married and still a lucky man ♥♥♥

37 years ago I became the luckiest man in the Point, when I married this hot chick from Whitestone, named Rosanne Albanese. Ahh, the things I did to win her over. I had my bank beeper, hair down to my shoulders, holes in my jeans, working midnight to 8, and her Nana telling her she’s crazy. I was irresistible. I think she really loved my yellow Ford Pinto. Fast forward 37 years, and we’ve produced 3 wonderful sons, who as men have created their own independent lives, with great careers, and families of their own. We’ve got 4 wonderful grandchildren, and a lifetime of memories to reflect upon. A normal life isn’t easy to maintain a marriage for such a long time, imagine one living with me. After all, It Ain’t Easy Being Me, and it’s ever more challenging being married to me. Thank you my dear Bacigalup. There’s no one I’d rather be quarantined with than you. Thank you for having the patience to deal with me, for loving me, having faith in me, and for being the wonderful mother, and person you are, and have always been. Happy Anniversary. I Love You. Truly ♥♥♥

2020 0320 Happy Anniversarylr

Truly 💞

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