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A PSA rant on student loan forgiveness and tuition-free college … 🤔 🇺🇸

This is a re-rant, from an earlier rant. This time, I’m calling it a free Public Service Announcement, free of my usual $2,000/day consulting fee – #ThinkForYourself

Tuition-free Kollege & Student Loan Forgiveness. 2 interesting subjects. I’m gonna rant, so please bear with me. If I ramble on, I sorry.
Student loans – do people know who holds the debt ? Do people know what a loan is ? Currently, student loan debt is held by the federal government. The federal government isn’t some large free-enterprise bank, that earns income from customers, who take loans. The federal government is YOU, We The People. Those federal tax dollars you see withheld on your paycheck, are what is used to lend the student their money to pay for tuition to the college of their choice.To forgive that debt, doesn’t eliminate the fact that the money has been layed out. To forgive the debt doesn’t mean we don’t give the free-enterpise bank back their money that they loaned out, as part of their for profit business. It means your taxes will have to go up even more to cover the LOSSES. associated with the loss of repayment by the person who received the loan. Those are YOUR losses. Not some big corporation. You know what they say about lending money to a family member ? They usually say, don’t expect it back. So if you’re OK with lending money to someone, knowing that you won’t get it back, but will have to pay a little more to cover the loss, then go ahead, pick a student, and pay off their debt. And continue to pay for your own children to go to college as well. Yes, pay TWICE. Get a second job, would be my suggestion. (careful though, cause both jobs are going to take out those taxes)

Tuition-free College – this is an interesting idea. I don’t know who came up with it, but I find several things curious. A college is a building, with rooms, filled with students, being taught by teachers. Think of it as your house, but on a much larger scale. What does Jack mean ? To build a college (your house), you need land, architects, engineers, construction workers, building materials. Then it needs to be heated, cooled, filled up with food services, toiletries, office supplies, and equipment, and even administrators, maintenance workers, and the all important TEACHERS and professors. All of these things, and probably things I forgot to list, require something we will call FUNDING. Also known as MONEY. So it is logical to conclude, that unless and until you can get the land for FREE, the construction done for FREE, the energy company to provide the gas and electric for FREE, the equipment suppliers to provide the machinery for FREE, the food service providers to offer all the food for FREE, the water company to offer water/sewer services for FREE, the construction/office/maintenance workers to work for FREE, and then the all important TEACHERS and professors to teach our students for FREE, it really is not practical to think a college can be tuition-FREE. Their income is from TUITION. Money doesn’t fall out of the sky to pay for all of these things. It’s a silly idea. Sounds nice. I know. But silly, and unreasonable to expect.

Now, there is a way to make it tuition-free, and to get all of these expenses paid, so as to offer the ‘illusion’ of being tuition-free. You know how that is ? Yup, increase that federal tax you are paying, so YOU can cover all those RECURRING expenses. Are you OK with paying for the land, the construction, the recurring maintenance expenses, the gas & electric bill, the salary of all of the various employees who built or operate the building, the salaries for the teachers and professors ? I didn’t think so. Why are we wasting our time with these silly ideas. We’re being conned, you’re being led by the nose around like sheople, and you’re enabling these con artists, we call politicians.

PLEASE. Wake up America. – #QSentMe #wwg1wga #SheepNoMore 🤔🇺🇸


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