Daily Rants

Zelda receives Presidential Medal of Freedom 🇺🇸 🤔 👍

So, I roll up to Parker the other day. The place is swarming with Secret Service. The Marine One helicopter is parked atop the roof of the building, all ready to go. They’re getting Zelda dressed, and get us both into the helicopter, and away we go. About 45 minutes later, we’re landing on the White House lawn. There’s a huuuggge crowd, and they bring us into the oval office. President Trump is there with Melania, and they’re waiting for our Zelda, with pomp & circumstance. We sit, have a cup of covfefe. The President presents her with a special proclamation to celebrate her 109th birthday, and then he presents her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom – Then it’s back into Marine One, and back to the crib. Zelda is knocked out, and sleeps the next 2 days … How cool was that ??? #Zelda109 🇺🇸 🤔👍

2019 1206 Anna Leone - Presidential Medal2019 1206 Anna Leone - President Trump2019.0810.015blr2019 1206 Anna Leone - President Trump



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