Daily Rants

Look where we spotted RY99 and NF25 …

We took a nice walk through Bowne Park and came across a bunch of ‘regulars’ from the Malba Jetty. We spotted RY99, NF25, the leucistic goose, and that weird guy with the pompadour (aka, Canada/Greater White-Fronted Goose Hybrid), trolling the lake. I guess they move between locations. It was a nice surprise to run into old friends …

Here’s a bunch of old posts with RY99 and NF25 at the Jetty – https://jacksmusings.wordpress.com/?s=ry99https://jacksmusings.wordpress.com/?s=nf25https://jacksmusings.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/lookie-what-i-spotted-at-the-malba-jetty-a-canada-greater-white-fronted-goose-hybrid/


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