Daily Rants

Today is National White Male Heterosexual Day …

It ain’t easy being a heterosexual white male in America these days. Today, September 25th, is National White Male Heterosexual Day, and we’re organizing a million White Male Heterosexual March. We’re hoping to engage our international White Male Heterosexual partner organizations to synchronize our activites. nwmh-day-0925Preliminary suggested schedule is to have every White Male Heterosexual awake at 07:00am, MARCH downstairs to the living room, while remaining in your underwear. Plop down on the couch, call in sick, or schedule the day off in advance, and do nothing but watch TV, drink large quantities of beer, smoke some weed, belch, scratch a lot (of course) and yell “Honey, get me this or that” every few hours. Let’s remind the world of the oppressive life we lead, sacrificing our lives each day to care and feed our families, not to mention the uncomfortable activity of ‘pleasing’ our wives at their beck and call. We are one, we are together, we are White Male Heterosexuals !!! #wwg1wga

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