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Rose Romano – Rest in Peace ♥♥♥ 🇺🇲️ 🇺🇲️ 🇺🇲️

Sad news out of The Point today. Our beloved RetWAC, Rose Romano, has passed away. 2019.0512.Rose-RomanoWe’ve been neighbors for nearly 40 years. In that time, Rose became a part of our family, and Ro, and the boys were a part of hers. She was more than a neighbor, she was our friend, and confidant. She loved us, and our children, as much as we love her today. She was a drill sergeant for the Womens Army Corp, and I’m sure she will get all the gals in line, once she’s fully processed in Heaven. – Rest in Peace Rose. We Love You, and you will be remembered fondly by our family for the rest of time ♥ 🇺🇲️ ♥️ 🇺🇲️ ♥

2019 0512 Rose Romano Cover Pagelr.jpg

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