Month: April 2019

Got a Harley ? Like leather ???

If you’ve got a Hog, and like your stuff wrapped in leather, I’ve got the guy for you. In fact, if you like ANYTHING you have wrapped in leather, Dave’s Custom Leather will do it. I spotted this Harley, and eventually chatted and chilled out with Dave. He’ll […]

Happy Easter all ♥♥♥

DLs dinner was scrumptous. She makes a good sauce. Thanks DL !!!. And Pop ate good again, while me brudder did some repair work. Added a few pics, including one of my beautiful God-daughter NaL and Ro ♥♥♥ Happy Easter all. It’s gonna take 3 days for us […]

HjL meets Zelda ♥♥♥

HjL met her Great-Great-Grandmother for the first time this morning as an Easter surprise. It was a virtual visit, which is the next best thing than being there. And she enjoyed watching her Nonny have ice cream. Nonny told her she loved her very much. Family – Forever […]