Daily Rants

We’re the proud parents of 2 new bettas …

With the empty nest syndrome hitting home, we decided to pickup a couple of new betta fish. We had these over the years as the boys were growing,


and we enjoyed them for years. We found these 2 beauties at the new fish store in Whitestone. We named the gold one Sonny, and in a nod to our patriot Qanon, I’m naming the red/white/blue one that looks like our flag, PePe. Welcome to our kitchen, and home PePe & Sonny. We picked up a double tank, with the glass partition. However, the glass slides in but doesn’t block the entire opening, leaving an 1/8″ gap, that these guys can slip through. We found that out when we suddenly saw them both on one side, giving each other dirty looks. The video will show why they are called Siamese Fighting fish … #wwg1wga #QSentMe



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