Daily Rants

Today marks 36 years that I became the luckiest man in College Point ♥♥♥

Today marks 36 years that I became the luckiest man in College Point or Whitestone. I married Rosanne Albanese. I often joke that ‘it ain’t easy being me’ (it ain’t no joke), but it REALLY can’t be easy being her married to me. The usual cliche of we’ve been through it all, doesn’t do justice to our life together. Marriage is not an easy experience, and it isn’t meant to be. Marriage is having a partner to live life with together, with a purpose. It takes commitment, communication, understanding and a LOT of patience, and forgiveness. We lost Rosanne’s mom a month before we got married. The family agreed that we go on, because it was part of the life experience, and Mom would have wanted it. We’ve had many challenges along our life together, that tested our commitment to each other, and to our family overall. We could have taken a few paths, but we worked together for the family. We have 3 wonderful sons, all successful, and caring for their own lives, and family. They are the direct product of Rosanne’s mothering, sacrifice and loving. We have 4 beautiful grandchildren, and hopes for many more. We’ve had a good life together, and we’ve had tough times together. We have much more life ahead of us, some happy, some sad. But, I find comfort knowing I have you to live through it with. Thank you my dear bacigalup, for all your love, patience with me, and understanding. Thank you for being my wife, and my friend, by my side through our life journey together. Happy Anniversary – I Love You. Truly ♥♥♥

2019 0320 Happy Anniversarylr.jpg

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