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I know many will not read all of this … 🤔🇺🇸 – THE WALL. THE SHUTDOWN. NANCY PELOSI. & DONALD TRUMP

I know many will not read all of this. It is long. It is also important, and accurate. Please consider reading it all, and possibly also consider to #WalkAway #Despicables #WeThePeople #wwg1wga – taken from a prior post – 🤔🇺🇸

With the government shutdown continuing into another day,  and the ongoing battle of words between the Democrat “leadership” and POTUS,  I thought I would go ahead and put some things in perspective.. Feel free to share this with the rest of the world.


First let me start by saying that Donald Trump was elected president by 63 MILLION American citizens — That amounts to 45% of ALL votes cast for ALL candidates for president — which roughly translates to approximately 20% of the total population of America..  That constitutes a majority of all of the voters, in a majority of all of the states (30 states, or 60% of ALL of the states).. And he ran on a platform of border security — including the border barrier.. Now I won’t be going into too much detail about the electoral college,  only to say that our founding fathers knew what they were doing, and without the electoral college we wouldn’t have a country — considering that 60% of the population lived in only five of the 13 original states, and the Constitution required nine states for ratification, and for the previous 13 years all of the 13 states had been treated as sovereign entities, the eight less populated states were not about to give up their authority, and sovereignty, to the five most populated states..  It just flat-out wasn’t going to happen, no way, no how..

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi represents the 12th Congressional District of California.. That is cracked_white_house_dome.pngjust one out of 53 Congressional Districts in California,  or less than 2% of all the districts in California.. The state of California has a population of 39.6 million people.. Congressional District 12 has a population of less than 775,000 people.. Which again, amounts to less than 2% of the total population of California.. But Nancy Pelosi was only elected by 275,000 people in the 12th Congressional District.. That means that she was elected by only 35% of ALL of the people in her district, or less than 40% of all of the people old enough to vote in THAT district.. California represents 1/50th of all the states in the union, or 2% of all the states.. So Nancy Pelosi represents 35% of her district, which represents 2% of the state of California, or 7/10 of 1% of all of California — which in turn represents 2% of the states in the country.. Nancy Pelosi therefore represents 35% of 2% of 2%,  or rather 1½/100 of 1% of the entire country..

Yet THIS woman, is single-handedly holding the American people, the government, and the entire country hostage, for political power and gain..  She is acting willfully, intentionally, and overtly, in sacrificing American citizens; their best interests, safety, security, and even their lives,  in order to snatch and regain power, and see President Trump fail, and for no other purpose.. Her actions constitute sedition, and quite probably treason,  and could very likely be considered acts of terrorism.. By her actions, she is attempting to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States.. Even in Congress, as one of only 435 members of the House,  She represents 1/5 of 1% of all of the members of the House of Representatives..

To put this in a more understandable perspective,  Senator Elizabeth Warren has roughly 1/1064th native American blood in her.. That equates to 9½/100 of 1% Indian blood.. Nancy Pelosi has 15% of the representation that Elizabeth Warren has Indian blood.. Or to put it another way,  Elizabeth Warren has nearly 7 times more Indian blood than Nancy Pelosi has representation of the United States

In the other house, we have Chuck Schumer — who is somewhat irrelevant as he sits in the minority — who, as a Senator, represents the entire state.. He was elected by 5,222,000 people, out of 19.9 million people.. And since New York — as one state — represents just 2% of all the states in the union.. That means that he represents 26% of New York,  and just ½ of 1% of the total country.. These are the people whose “leadership” is ultimately harming our country, sabotaging the work done by President Trump, who was at least voted into office by 20% of the total population of the entire country.

This isn’t about the wall, or a border barrier, or border security, this is about seeing Donald Trump fail, and in turn having the United States fail UNDER Donald Trump..

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Chuck Schumer, have all spoke out in favor of a stronger border security and a border barrier..  In 2006 the Secure Fence Act flag-brick-wallapassed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority of both houses of Congress.. While Nancy Pelosi had not been around at that time, to vote in favor or against this act,  It was voted on favorably by the following US senators: Democrat Delaware Senator – Joe Biden; Democrat New York Senator – Hillary Clinton; Democrat California Senator – Dianne Feinstein; Democrat Illinois Senator – Barack Obama;  And the other Democrat New York Senator – Chuck Schumer.. They ALL voted in favor of a strong southern border barrier, to the tune of $51.4 billion.

This act immediately gave $1.4 billion to create a secure southern border barrier, and an additional $50 billion over the next 25 years to maintain that border security, and that border barrier.. We still have $25 billion of that money left,  that Congress is refusing to release for its intended purpose..

People have attacked the President, because he “promised” that Mexico would pay for emoticon-08.pngthe wall.. But these same people have no idea how the government works.. When the President makes a “promise” he is simply promising to do what he is ABLE to do under the law, and he is promising to push Congress to allow the “promises” he is making to the American people to go through.. THOSE are the promises he is elected on.. He can only act within the scope of the Constitution and of the law..

IN FACT,  the ONLY money that the President of the United States is authorized to spend — WITHOUT congressional approval — is his own paycheck..  ALL other money has to come from the US treasury, and it has to be approved by Congress.. IF the President of Mexico were to walk up to Donald Trump and hand him a check for $6 billion for the border barrier, he could NOT spend that check on the wall..  Instead, he would HAVE to deposit that money into the US treasury, then he would have to send a budget request to the House of Representatives asking to spend that money.. Meanwhile, the House would have to introduce AND pass an appropriations legislation bill,  authorizing the approval and spending of THAT money, for the purpose the President is requesting.. how-a-bill-becomes-lawThat bill would then go to the Senate to be approved.. IF the Senate approves it, with no amendments, it would go to the President.. But IF the Senate adds any amendments to the bill, it would then have to go back to the House to be re-approved with the amendments.. Then IF House were to add on amendments, to the Senate’s amendments, it would have to go BACK to the Senate, to approve the House’s amendments..  FINALLY, if both houses approve all amendments, the bill is finally sent to the President for approval.. If the bill comes to the President, just as he requested, then it’s easily approved, easy peasy.. If however, he has to sift through some ridiculous, and unrelated amendments, then he may or may not sign the bill, at which time Congress would then have to determine whether they have the votes to override his veto..

If that $6 billion given to us by the Mexican President were then approved for the border barrier,  the President could begin spending it on the wall.. gear-ani.gifHowever, if the wall takes more than one year to build,  AND if that approved $6 billion is not all spent in one year, the President could not simply withdraw all $6 billion upfront.. Whatever is left, after the first year, would again have to be approved by Congress, through a budget request and appropriations legislation, to be able to spend the remainder, as it was authorized..

Keep in mind, Mexico has technically already paid for that barrier..  In January of 2017, the United States extradited Joaquin Guzman ‘El Chapo’ and seized and confiscated his assets, ALL $14 billion worth.. Those assets are just sitting in the U.S. Treasury,  waiting to be spent.. In April 2017, US Texas Senator – Ted Cruz, introduced legislation — titled the “EL CHAPO Act” — which would set aside the assets seized to be used for border security and the border barrier as requested by President Trump..  Congress has REFUSED to approve this Act, and in fact, this bill was sent to a subcommittee, where it was allowed to die in that committee..

So let me get this straight.. We have 800,000 government employees working without pay,  while $14 billion of Mexican drug cartel money sits in the US treasury, another $25 billion that Congress has already approved and authorized for a secure southern border and barrier, that Congress is now refusing to release, for its intended purpose. And SOMEHOW, the President is the one to blame?!?

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