Daily Rants

We’ve officially become ’empty nesters’ 🐢🐢🐢🐿👣🦉🦋

We’ve officially become ’empty nesters’. Our last turtle on the half shell has left the sewer 🐢🐢🐢 –  and opens up another spare room for me to stash some Pez. 2019.0107.075lr.jpgOur Johnny FEmptyNest-2hearts.pngjL, and his beautiful fiancee BmC became homeowners, 2014.1122.032.jpgwith a mortgage, and real estate taxes to be paid for the rest of time. We can’t express how proud we are of both of you. You’ve both worked so hard towards this goal, and we’re excited that you are beginning the next most wonderful part of your lives together. (there’s more parts, as the kids come along) And I must say, that my bacigalup did a wonderful job of raising 3 fine young men, Boys_stacked.jpgwho have all succeded in their life goals. victori0Ro provided a warm, nurturing environment for our boys to develop into the successful men, and loving husbands and fathers they are. We remember our life in our home, as warm, fun, and loving. Ro loved being a mother, and now looks forward to being a grandmother of a few more … Our boys grew up to become men in their childhood home and learned much about life, love and family from their mother. Nothing can ever change that, and we’re content knowing they are each happy and successful. This is a new chapter for all of us. 041305028lr.jpgAs our roles change to being supporting, and understanding parents, and loving grandparents, our boys become husbands, fathers, and good, responsible family men. 2008.0309.118a.jpgEach have proven who they are, and what they’ve become, and we are so proud of all 3 of them. We love them, their families, and will always be around for any support they may need. Good luck Johnny FjL & BmC, WE LOVE YOU DEARLY ♥♥♥ – Now, I gotta go, and get that room ready for the Pez museum, before someone tries to put a bed in there 😉


After all, how many parents had a dartboard inside the house ???







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