Daily Rants

How to solve the NYC homeless problem 🤔🇺🇸️👍


I think I know of a way to solve the NYC homeless problem. Round them all up, empty the shelters, load them all into Greyhound buses, hand every one of them a fresh new Guatemalan passport. Drive that greyhound to one of the border crossings, let them get caught, placed into one of them government run ‘concentration camps’, (which, by the way, should insult EVERY Jew enough to NEVER vote Democrat again, on principal), and you would immediately relieve every New Yorker of their tax and quality of life burden, and provide every one of those homeless a tenfold increase in their standard of living. US-Graphic.pngClean housing, showers, entertainment, free food, free security, and we actually help AMERICANS, who would appreciate the new digs, instead of the whining freeloaders we have today. As an added measure of empathy and compassion, we can coordinate having celebrities, athletes, politicians, late night hosts providing free services serving food, entertaining, listening to their fellow citizens, offering jobs, their spare homes or rooms, adopting the little children, giving them hope for a better life. You know, lead by example. #WeThePeople #TakeOurCountryBack #WeveHadItUpToHereAndNowYoureAllFucked #AmericaFuckYeah

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