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Big brother is watching you …

Big brother is watching you … So, we’re out in the yard last night, and I notice this small white plane overhead. It’s made the same loop about 15 times every 7 or 8 minutes. I take a bunch of pics each time, and finally got a clear shot of the tail number – N687RT. Naturally, I lookup the tail number to see who it’s registered to. I find out it’s registered to a company called FVX Research , and they have 6 planes registered. Looks like that nasty NSA just keeps watching over us all …

Found this story from 2015 about FVX Research – http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/fvx-research-humorous-hoax-conspiracy-craze-article-1.2248726

“… A covert FBI program of low-flying, citizen surveillance planes orbiting major cities and rural areas in 11 states was revealed this week by the Associated Press. The FBI had set up several front companies to cover for operation, the report noted. All of them had similarly meaningless names — KQM Aviation, NBR Aviation, PXW Services, FVX Research — and none had any public web presence. After the report, the FBI never denied the program or the fake companies, but said the operation was never classified…”

Also found this one –  https://www.theverge.com/2015/6/2/8704823/fbi-made-fake-companies-spy-planes

“… The FBI has used at least 13 shell companies to conceal a fleet of surveillance planes that recently flew over more than 30 cities in 11 states, according to an Associated Press investigation published today.

According to the AP’s report, the low-flying planes are equipped with video, and operate without a judge’s warrant — although the government says they’re for specific investigations. The AP traced the companies — with names like FVX Research and KQM Aviation — that were used to keep the fleet of at least 50 FBI planes under wraps. Many of the companies’ documents were signed by a “Robert Lindley,” but the government would not confirm to the AP whether that was a government employee.

In November, The Wall Street Journal revealed that the Justice Department had been equipping planes with so-called “dirtboxes,” machines that could scoop up data on cellphones below, which the AP confirms in its report. But the scope and limits of the project are still obscure…”

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