Daily Rants

I buy a lot of peanuts …

I buy a lot of peanuts for me critters. I used to go to Keyfood for the 5lb bags of roasted peanuts, 10lbs a week for me squirrels. Then I was picking up 40 pounds of bird seed for the feathered aminals. The residue left was making a mess. Raw blanched peanuts. No shell. Sold by the lb.Then I came across something called blanched peanuts. They come shelled, the birds, squirrels, coons, even the geese like them. And, they leave no mess. I fill the feeders, and they go to town. I found a great online retailer called anuts.com, and with shipping it comes to about the same $2/pound I was paying for all the other stuff. UPS delivers me 30 pounds at a time, and I hardly move. Anywho. I buy so much shit, they throw in a bag of cheddar popcorn every so often. A small bag. This time they sent a giant bag as a thank you for the business. If you like popcorn, pick this shit up. It’s awesome …


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