Daily Rants

Hackers, and crackers, and bears, Oh My !!!

Hackers, and crackers, and bears, Oh My !!! – Memory Monday. One day over 20 years ago, 2 wonderful women from Human Resources flew down from Buffalo to spend a day with the staff. They spent the night as well, and returned in the morning. When we all left for the day, they snuck back into the building, came to our floor, and removed this Information Security poster we had hanging in the hallway. We had about a dozen different ones hanging. The users picked up the reports in the area, so it was a good place to post these reminders. When I arrived the following morning, it was obvious which one was missing. So, off to the Security department I go to check the video, to see who took it. Lo and behold, there’s these 2 gals, coming in after hours, getting  a step ladder, and removing the poster. When I asked the following morning why, they told me they received a complaint from someone who found the saying offensive. That was their sole reason for coming to NYC. You can’t make this shit up. #truth



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