Daily Rants

Rediscovering the Queens Zoo …

Rediscovering the Queens Zoo. It’s been decades since we’ve been to the Queens Zoo. I was talking to someone about spotting a Bald Eagle and the Snowy Owl, and they mentioned that The Queens Zoo had them. So, we ventured over to Park Side Restaurant. Sat at James Gandolfini’s table and enjoyed our Veal Spiedini before heading up the block to the Zoo. OH MY GOD. We were in Heaven. If you’ve got kids, you have to go to this Zoo. There’s even a petting zoo section. It’s begins with tons of diverse, colorful, and beautiful ducks. They had 2 American Bald Eagles, a cool Great Horned Owl, and a wide array of other wonderful wildlife. The aviary was closed, but I was able to snap a few pics of the Herons from outside. For me, the ducks, eagles, and the owl made it a great experience, and well worth our first Senior Citizen discount admission … lol



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