Daily Rants

I’m such an environmentalist …

I’m such an environmentalist. Always concerned about the health of our spinning rock, Donald-Trump-Lives-Here.pngthat’s hurtling through space at unimaginable speeds (yeah, right), I’ve taken steps to save the planet, one drop of water at a time. Just got my hands on a modern snowflake melting machine. It works with nominal effort, and is guaranteed to leave a puddle, whenever a snowflake handles it. That’s right folks, it’s a Donald Trump Lives Here stamp. You simply add the stamp next to the big, beautiful White House on any American $20 bill, you know, the ones that say something about In God We Trust, and it will no doubt make it’s way to a person with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), and will result in a small puddle of water. I recomment having a sponge or mop handy, depending upon the crowd. It’s on every $20 bill I own, and it can be on yours as well. By the time we’re done with this movement, every $20 bill in America should be marked as a reminder that it is We the People who run this joint. So, look for it, there’s a few varieties, all work the same. Save the Planet, Melt a Snowflake today


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