Daily Rants

Today marks the 35th wedding anniversary for me and my bride ♥♥♥

Today marks the 35th wedding anniversary for me and my bride ♥♥♥- To say I’m a lucky man would be an understatement. Especially if you know me. They say Ro deserves a medal, or at least sainthood for what I’ve put her through. But, she’s a trooper. She made me the krazed man that I am today. We’ve been through a lot of shit together over 35 years, and she’s been by my side always. And, we still have crazy shit going on, and I have no doubt there’s plenty of more crazy shit planned for our future. But, you know what ? I got my Ro. We’ve handled it all together, and we will continue to do so. That’s all that really matters. She is an amazing mother that raised 3 fine young men. Each with their own families doing well, or well on their way to that, as our Johnny FjL recently got engaged to his wonderful sweetheart BmC. A loving grandmother, especially when given the chance. A friend, and consigliere to any family member or friend who needs help, or an ear to listen. When Rosanne Albanese said yes to my proposal, I became the luckiest man alive. I can only hope and pray for another 35 years with my beautiful, smart, loving, wonderful wife/mother/friend. My dear baccigalup, I adore you. I love you Rosanne. Forever ♥♥♥ – Happy Anniversary – I Love You !!! xoxo

2018 0320 Happy Anniversarylr.jpg

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